My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners And Allergy Products at

We sell AMERICAN MADE HEPA Air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners and other allergy control products.

Some of our product lines include the TRACS HEPA Air purifiers, Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaners, EZ Air HEPA air cleaners, Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners and NIKRO industreal HEPA vacuum Cleaners

I take great pride in selling our many high quality AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS to our many customers and I support the fact that in these tough economic times our USA Government needs to take fast action in bringing overseas manufacturing companies and jobs back to America where they should be!

Please read my letter below written to President Obama in my quest to help our counrty better itself and get back on its feet economically!

Nov 4th 2010

“Mr President, please read my suggestions below. You asked For help and Input! Here You Go!

Obviously your short-term stimulus actions have not done much for the long term! Here is what I feel will work for us all!

America’s economy is now dependent on American based companies producing products in China in a MAJOR WAY! If you really do want a large increase in lasting American jobs you need to lure American factories back to America for the many years to come. Here’s how to do it!

Offer substantial tax breaks for the next 5-10 years to factory owners and corporations if they bring their manufacturing operations back to America to produce higher quality goods made by Americans for Americans and for the rest of the world as it used to be and can be again! Part of this plan should include Government supplemented health care to make it more affordable for the factories to cover their employees required health benefits until profits allow them to spend more of their own money on employee healthcare. My calculations tell me that this can be done to bring a HUGE influx of lasting jobs back to the USA within a 5-10 year period of time! This will also stimulate new and improved technologies for even better American products and services.

Without this plan China will continue to grow stronger while America and Americans grow weaker financially, physically and mentally due to the frustration and emptiness being felt by growing numbers every single day!

Please no more short sighted, short term and time wasting stimulus ideas! The information I have just provided to you is sound and can work if implemented in good faith for the future of our great but troubled country!

Barry Cohen—-Owner Of Absolute Air Cleaners And Allergy Products at”

I hope that our many customers enjoyed reading this letter I have sent to President Obama. It is my hope and desire that it somehow falls into his hands to help him improve our economy and our great country!