If you own any number of Ionic Breeze air purifiers/ air cleaners and they are now broken or not operating properly you need to know that Sharper Image the company that manufactured your Ionic Breeze is now bankrupt and out of business because these so called air purifiers/ air cleaners never operated as advertised to you and a zillion other people that trusted the Sharper Image name when they purchased these Too Good To Be True Air Cleaning Units!

Everyone wanted an amazing air purifier / air cleaner that operated with zero noise and filter replacement cost and Sharper Image gave them just what they wanted! The problem turned out to be that the Ionic Breeze operated poorly and never worked as advertised! For those that still own an Ionic Breeze. It does not have a fan or motor to exchange the dirty air in the room through its non-existent filter. It only has an almost worthless small electrostatic charged collector plate that can only pull a very small amount of dust onto it from about 1/8 of an inch away and it produces uncontrollable amounts of ozone that can cause dangerous respiratory problems. If you have asthma or any lung problems, you without question should not be operating any air cleaner or air purifier that is producing ozone! Because of these facts Sharper Image quickly went bankrupt from the many HUGE class action lawsuits brought against them for defrauding the public, putting people’s health at risk and taking peoples hard earned money!

Now the remaining Ionic Breeze air purifiers / air cleaners are breaking down in droves and our company and others are being flooded with phone calls trying to get their Ionic Breeze Quadra and other models repaired. When we try to explain why Sharper Image is now out of business and that the Ionic Breeze air purifiers / air cleaners are not worth repairing because they never cleaned the air well in the first place, many people become extremely upset and yell at us after providing these true facts to them even though we are trying to be helpful to them in the best of good faith!

It is our hope and desire that Ionic Breeze owners will read this report so they can be informed of the actual facts to better understand the truth why Sharper Image is not in business anymore. Please be advised that we do not know of any company that will or desires to repair the Ionic Breeze air purifiers / air cleaners! If anyone does decide to repair broken down Ionic Breeze air purifiers / air cleaners many people feel that it would not be ethical to repair such a low quality and possibly dangerous air purifier / air cleaner and it is our suggestion that you save your money and use it to purchase a quality HEPA air cleaner or air purifier that actually does an excellent and proper job of cleaning your indoor environment of smoke, dust and allergens! PLEASE! Don’t get ripped off wasting your money by repairing an air cleaner product that will not do a good job of cleaning the air in your home or office in the first place! Also stay away from the many chinese made Ionic Breeze knock offs still available on the market under similar names that also do not do a proper job of cleaning your indoor air!

If you are in need of a quality HEPA air cleaner or air purifier, please see the website at https://aircleaners.com or call Barry Cohen the owner at toll free 1-888-578-7324 for a FREE INDOOR AIR QUALITY CONSULTATION.