Choosing The Best Industrial / Commercial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

The most well known brands of commercial / industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners are made by NIKRO, PULLMAN-HOLT, NILFISK and MINUTEMAN. All of these HEPA vacuum cleaners are manufactured with large capacity holding tanks and powerful motors. Some are for dry materials only and some are wet-dry vacuum cleaners that will pick both up wet, liquid and dry materials. We prefer the wet-dry types because they will clean almost any type of loose contaminate wet, liquids or dry debris. Of all of the different brands of industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners, WE FEEL THAT THE NIKRO (MADE IN THE USA) IS THE BEST BRAND OF INDUSTRIAL / COMMERCIAL HEPA VACUUM CLEANER (S) ON THE MARKET BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPERIOR IN DESIGN AND BUILT BETTER, MORE USER FRIENDLY AND MADE IN THE USA!

The most important features of these heavy duty commercial / industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners are they are 100 percent sealed to give their operators the ability to pass a zero laser particle test which proves that absolutely zero contaminates are blown back into the air of the indoor environment while vacuuming all kinds of debris. These powerful NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners are also designed and able to vacuum larger sized contaminates with sturdy wide hoses 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter.

NOTE: Many common brands of Industrial and Commercial HEPA vacuum cleaners are at a disadvantage because they are designed to clean and store debris into paper containment bags located in the tank. This can be costly and dangerous because paper bags are very limited to how much weight they can hold before tearing! Also paper bags need to be replaced often and after the paper containment bags are filled they still need to be transferred into a thick Mil plastic Hazmat containment bag for proper disposal. This transference of debris from one bag to another creates a real risk of chemical toxin exposure and re-contamination in the work area!

Advantages Of Using NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

We prefer and really like the NIKRO line of HEPA vacuum cleaners the best and above all others because they have the advantage of allowing you to vacuum without the need of expensive paper containment bags. The NIKRO can suck dust, dirt and other toxic contaminates directly into their thick 4 Mil poly Hazmat contaminate bags that line the inside of the NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaner’s sturdy but flexible heavy duty plastic tank! After the poly bag is full, just pull the poly bag from the tank, seal the bag and dispose of properly. NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners are MADE IN THE USA so customer service is fast and replacement parts are inexpensive and easy to get.

NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners will also pass all of the stringent requirements for the EPA Lead Paint Renovation Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule, which is the new Federal law for lead paint removal! NIKRO produce two levels of HEPA vacuum cleaners to fit your budget. The standard lines and the economy LV line with less filtration and cheaper Chinese made electric motors. We prefer and recommend the standard higher level line of HEPA vacuum cleaners because they include more and better filtration at 99.99% efficiency down to 0.3 microns of particle size that will cover EVERY type of abatement job you will experience and they also include the highest quality and proven for many years AMETEK-LAMB electric MOTORS from Philadelphia PA.

Cost: A standard top quality 15 gallon commercial / industrial wet /dry HEPA vacuum cleaner to clean hazardous materials including AMETEK-LAMB Motor, 10 feet of hose with all needed tools and 2 dozen heavy duty poly hazardous waste containment bags will typically cost between $1,000.00 and $1,200.00. Variables of cost depend on the tool kit selection, motor configuration and shipping location.

The 15 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA vacuum cleaner model we recommend most often is the NIKRO PW15110

Companies that purchase commercial / industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners include: Remodeling companies, Window replacement companies, Commercial cleaning companies, Home owners and landlords, Construction cleaning companies, Asbestos abatement companies, Lead abatement companies, Mold abatement companies, Chemical spill Hazmat companies, Air duct cleaning companies, Maintenance companies, Automotive shops that deal with brake dust and toxic chemicals, Factories to clean their dirty equipment and all kinds of spills, Medical facilities, Research facilities and laboratory facilities for clean room environments, Schools and Government buildings, Military and home defense contractors.

URGENT: Industrial and commercial HEPA vacuum cleaner operators, Home and business owners, do it your selfers please be wise enough to know how important it is to clean up toxic chemicals and materials with a 100 percent sealed commercial / industrial grade NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaner to avoid exposing yourself to toxins and contaminating your living space work space, family and or employees!

REMEMBER: If you’re going to do the clean up yourself, you need the proper HEPA vacuum cleaner to do the job correctly. This is very important if you are doing lead abatement, lead paint removal. Asbestos abatement or mold remediation. DON’T EVER CUT CORNERS! Spend the money on the proper HEPA vacuum cleaner equipment that will meet the EPA standards for what you are vacuuming and STAY HEALTHY!

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