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My name is Barry Cohen and since 1989 I am the original owner of Absolute Air Cleaners and Allergy Products. My main website is located at https://aircleaners.com. I am an indoor air quality (IAQ) expert specializing in sick building syndrome cleanups and the utilization of proper HEPA air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners to improve problems that cause poor indoor air quality and health problems. I love what I do for a living and I have owned and consistently operated my business while helping thousands of people with their indoor air quality, allergies, asthma, smoking, pet allergies, COPD and immune dysfunction issues since starting this company.


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I am known in the industry I represent as a friendly person that is very knowledgeable in my field, however I am no nonsense, straight to the point and I say it like it really is. I fight to correct misinformation that has to do with the products I provide to my many customers and I expose those in my industry that misrepresent what they manufacture and or sell!

I am very particular in choosing the product lines and products that will do the best job for each and every one of my customers individual needs and I am proud to represent product lines and products that include TRACS, Austin Air, AllerAir, Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaners, Air Aware, Alpine / Ecoquest / Vollara, D-2100 / GD Environmental, Zeolite Detox Products, Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters, NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaners and others!

I take great care in only selling the best and highest quality products on the market and I take great care in choosing lines of air cleaners, air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners that are MADE IN THE USA & Canada

Many hospitals, laboratories, business’s and general customers come to me with specific needs that include
HEPA air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners that will catch particulates at a 99.99 efficiency rating down to .3 microns in particle size. People with immune dysfunctions and people going through chemotherapy, stem cell transplants and organ transplants require HEPA air purifiers called the Airpura UV600 that also includes a powerful non ozone producing ultraviolet (UV) light system that can also quickly kill viruses, bacteria and mold spores.

If you, a friend or family member is suffering from a chronic health problem(s) that requires improved indoor air quality and you would like a FREE indoor air quality telephone consultation including advice on how to keep your indoor environment safe, clean and more allergy free, please give me a call on my Toll Free Number At 1-888-578-7324.

Barry Cohen——- Owner Of https://aircleaners.com