Florida is without question one of the most beautiful places in the world to live with its abundant blue sky sunny beach days and nights made for enjoying evening moon lit walks.

However this beautiful environment must not be taken for granted when the need for clean indoor air quality comes into play! Sometimes Florida gets pretty hot and humid with lots of rain and when this occurs we retreat indoors to dry off and cool down in our air-conditioned homes and businesses.

People living in Florida need to realize that the sharp differences of the heat, humidity and rain outdoors can cause drastic effects to the indoor air quality and indoor living environments in our homes and businesses!

Mold and bacteria problems often occur when the house or building is not insulated properly sweating (moisture) and mold builds on or around the window frames, doors and even wall areas attached to the outside sections of the house or building. If this problem is apparent the windows and doors should be replaced and insulated well around the frames to prevent these problems from reoccurring. Sometimes but not as often any damp walls should be replaced with proper insulation installed between the inner and outside walls.

Inspect your roof and pipes often for leaks! Plumbing and roof leaks can and will penetrate between the walls right down to the floors and carpeting! If you find a leak FIX IT FAST because it will always get worse and become more expensive to repair because any water contaminated areas of the walls will have to be ripped out and replaced and new dry insulation will need to be installed between the walls! Also if your carpeting is soaked through it will need to be replaced as well because it will without question grow dangerous mold and bacteria. Having the water extracted by carpet cleaning companies or so called flood removal companies are never good enough so don’t waste your money with them! Replacing carpeting with ceramic tile or a hard floor surface is always a good idea if possible because new carpeting outgasses a cocktail of chemicals for the first three years and then it becomes a dirt and allergen sponge for the rest of its life holding up to eight times its weight in dirt that includes dead skin, pet dander, bacteria and allergens that you cant see even when it appears to be clean! Carpeting is very unhealthy!

VERY IMPORTANT! High indoor relative humidity levels will promote mold and bacteria growth while creating a welcome environment to dust mites and insects to live and thrive in!   Keep you’re air conditioning system clean and make sure that the relative humidity in your home or business is between 45-55 percent! NOT HIGHER! You can invest $20-$30 in a good Hygrometer to measure and keep an eye on the relative humidity in your home or business.  If the relative humidity is showing levels over 55 percent call in a good A/C company to check out your air conditioning system and to attempt to lower your relative humidity. If your air conditioning system is sized correctly and the relative humidity can’t be lowered to a comfortable healthy level then a dehumidifier should be installed to bring the humidity down. If the A/C is to large and powerful for your home or building this could also be the cause of the problem. The A/C Company can try to lower the humidity by slowing down you’re A/C blower motor to allow it to pull out more humidity. If this does not work there are two choices. They are to add a dehumidifier to pull the humidity down or to replace the air conditioning system with the correct size that will keep your relative humidity in the safe comfort zone!

Have a quality A/C Company check and if necessary clean your air conditioning systems air handler, evaporator coil and drain pan if dirty and moldy!  Purchase a quality more efficient and washable (lifetime) self-charging electrostatic air filter to replace your inefficient throw away filter! This will do a great job of keeping your entire system clean for the future while helping to prevent service calls due to unhealthy moldy dust plugging up your air conditioning system while blowing mold spores and possible bacteria into your indoor air environment to breathe.

Other Important Steps To Keep Your Home Or Office Allergen Free

If your home is in good shape as far as mold spores and bacteria goes or if you have a mold problem that you are unable to fix and people are still suffering from allergies or asthma, there are other important steps to take to remove the triggers that are causing the allergy, asthma or immune dysfunction reactions! I will put these steps in list order for you.

Clean Well And Clean Often—–Dust Mites, insects, bacteria and mold spores all feed on what is contained in your household dust and dirt!  By keeping your home or office clean you are depriving all of these allergen producing living organisms from the nutrients that feed and sustain them!

Vacuum ONLY With A Sealed HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

People do not realize that their vacuum cleaner is one of the main causes of allergy and asthma flair ups! This because just about all vacuum cleaners (Even HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaners) are not properly sealed and they spew dust, bacteria, pet dander, Dust Mite and other allergens into the air while you are vacuuming. To see this for yourself simply place your running vacuum cleaner into a beam of sunlight coming through your window! You will most likely see ten’s of thousands of particles loaded with allergens spewing into your indoor air! Also think about this! Do you dust your furniture before or after you vacuum? Most people dust after vacuuming because of all the dust and allergens that just landed on the furniture and counter tops and on their beds! We have found that the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner (Made In The USA) to be the best HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market! The Air Storm is 100 percent sealed; it cleans better and outperforms all others! You can also fill the dirt bag to the top without losing any suction or cleaning ability at all! This is because the airflow bypasses the dust collection bag to always provide full power for the best cleaning ability possible!

Use ONLY Sealed HEPA Air Purifiers Or HEPA Air Cleaners

One of the first products that people run out to purchase when the dust in the home is out of control or their allergies or asthma flares up is an air purifier or an air cleaner. Most people run out to a big box store such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot or LOWES to make their purchase. Unfortunately the great majority of these air purifier / air cleaner units are low quality, poorly sealed with a very low air exchange rate per hour even in a small bedroom space and they are made in China.

Many of these Chinese made air purifiers are almost worthless because they use inefficient electronic collector plates that produce negative ions and levels of ozone that can trigger breathing problems for people with asthma and other lung conditions. Others do have filters in them that they call HEPA types that are not true HEPA filters at all and some of the Chinese air cleaners that do indeed include real HEPA filters are still unsealed around the HEPA filters themselves and the cases are unsealed allowing a large amount of dust and allergens to blow right back into the indoor air environment to breathe and react to! We recommend that you stay away from these low quality air purifiers and only purchase units that are sealed and can provide a high air exchange rate per hour in any needed room or open area in your home or office.

Of all the HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners on the market we have found that the EZ Air and the TRACS HEPA air purifiers (Made In The USA) to be totally sealed and with enough air exchange rate per hour to do a tremendous job of cleaning the air of dust and allergens in the home or office space! NOTE that the TRACS HEPA air purifier includes a USA Patented ozone free ultraviolet light system design that is aimed at and into the intake side of the HEPA filter that kills and controls any bacteria, virus or mold spores that are pulled into the TRACS unit!

Upgrade The Filter In Your Furnace Or Air Conditioning System

Did you know that one of the primary reasons your home and office can be loaded with dust and allergens is because your cheap disposable air filter is almost useless? Its true! Those 2 dollar air filters that most people keep purchasing for their furnace or A/C system is only 3-5 percent efficient and they are the key factor for expensive service calls when all of that dust, dirt that’s loaded with allergens blows right through your low quality disposable air filter to plug up your systems air handler unit, evaporator coil and air duct system! It’s also why your computers, TV sets and electronics are filthy when you look behind them after they stop working and die on you! Lack of proper filtration is also another key factor why your living space is so very dusty and aggravating your allergies and or asthma!  The simple answer is to replace those inefficient 3-5 percent air filters with a washable custom made to size self charging electrostatic air filter that is almost 90 percent efficient and has a Lifetime Guarantee! A quality self-charging electrostatic air filter is inexpensive and really is a great investment in keeping your home or office space healthier, dust and allergy free!

Dust Mite Proof Bedding For Allergy And Asthma Control

Since Florida is very humid and controlling the relative humidity in your home to keep it in the 45-55 percentage range is sometimes a challenge it is very important to invest in dust mite proof mattress encasing, box spring encasings and pillow encasings for your beds! These encasings can really make a difference and help you and your family sleep better at night. To avoid having to wash the mattress encasing often put a stretchable mattress cover over your mattress encasing to protect it! Also ALWAYS wash your sheets, blankets and mattress cover in HOT water twice a week to better control exposure to highly reactive dust mite allergen!

NOTE: The less expensive models of dust mite proof encasings are just as good as the more expensive models offered on the market!

It is our hope and desire that this report will be a big help for you, your family or employees for healthier allergy free environment in your home or office! For more information on the top quality MADE IN THE USA products mentioned in this report and a FREE indoor environment phone evaluation to help you keep your living space more dust, mold and allergen free call Toll Free at 1-888-578-7324 or see the website athttps://aircleaners.com