How To Better Protect Your Life

My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute HEPA Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers and Allergy Products. My company also sells top quality one hundred percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners. I have been in the indoor air quality industry since 1989 and it is my great desire and privilege to help people understand and properly deal with dangerous environmental issues that may be compromising their health. Please read and enjoy the report below.

You have heard this old saying a thousand times, “You Are What You Eat” Right?

Think about this and think hard because it’s 100 percent true! However there is more to this old saying then you may realize! Local factories or mining operations in your area may be quietly spewing millions of tons of cancer causing chemical pollution into the air and into creeks, streams, rivers and directly into the ground water that you; your family and co-workers breathe, drink and bathe in every single day. You also may be eating food that is contaminated as well! New chemicals are being invented and produced all the time and many chemicals mix together in the environment to form other new toxic chemicals that have unknown affects on plant life, animals and humans! You may think that your local and Federal Government is protecting you with strict environmental laws that force factories not to pump their far reaching deadly pollution loaded with toxic chemicals into the air and water. If you think that you are really being protected with a high level of safety YOUR WRONG!

You can become proactive in your community and fight the good fight trying to slow down the damage that is being caused from the factories that are pumping their toxic waste into your air, food and water! If you do I admire you for taking your time, energy and effort in your quest to help save the environment and all that live in it. However you also need to know what to do right now to prevent and or limit your exposure to the cancer causing chemicals in your own home or office indoor environment where you spend the great majority of your time.
Don’t think that your home or office indoor environment is normally safe from airborne chemicals, IT’S NOT! You bring in chemicals on your clothes, shoes, open windows and every time you turn on the chemically treated tap water from your sinks, shower and bathtub. This is not including the many other toxic chemicals that are already in your home or office out-gassing from your carpeting, furniture, paints, stains, plastics, pesticides and wood particle board in your indoor air environment! Also it’s important to know that vacuum cleaners, even most HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners are not sealed and they spew chemicals in carpet fiber, pesticides and bacteria back into the air to breathe while vacuuming!

Important Steps To Take To Prevent Chemical Exposures In Your Home or Office!

Wash Your Fruits And Vegetables Properly! Fruits and vegetables can be loaded with chemical fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides! Washing with plain water helps but it’s often not enough to remove the majority of the chemicals. Many of these dangerous chemicals can be trapped under sprayed on wax coatings that are applied to produce to resist water and prolong shelf life. Not Your Life! There are products on the market specifically for safely washing chemicals off of fruits and vegetables. Some brands to look for are Organiclean, Veggie-Wash and Fit Fruit & Vegetable wash. A good homemade wash can be made from soaking produce in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water for five minutes. Another washing solution can be made with a combination on one tablespoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of baking soda and one cup of water. After cleaning your fruit and veggies you should always rinse them off thoroughly with clean water. Remember that meat chicken and fish can also contain chemicals that include pesticides, growth hormones, artificial coloring and antibiotics so try to buy and eat organic whenever possible and think about adding juicing to your diet with fresh vegetables and fruit to keep you healthy on a more cellular level!

Drink, Cook, Wash And Bathe In Clean Filtered Water!

Both municipal tap and well water is often loaded with chemicals and bacteria that leach in from the ground and is also added in on purpose by local municipalities to control live bacteria, viruses and parasites. Even though municipal water is tested at different safety standards it often fails testing after the entire community has already consumed and bathed in it. To enjoy safe clean water it’s a good idea to remove the chemicals and all other impurities with a quality whole house water filtration system complemented with a reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system hooked up under or next to your kitchen sink for super pure and clean drinking water.

Breathe Clean Indoor Air!

Purchase and utilize quality HEPA air cleaners or HEPA air purifiers that include pounds of activated carbon to absorb chemical out-gassing in your home or office. Three brands of great HEPA air cleaners for general use including out-gassing chemical removal are the Austin Air HM-400 Healthmate, the EZ Air HEPA air cleaner or different HEPA air cleaner models made by AllerAir.
If you desire the added benefit of having your HEPA air purifier kill viruses, bacteria and mold spores check out the TRACS HEPA air purifier with built in UV Ultraviolet light system or the AllerAir UV Ultraviolet HEPA air purifiers. All of these HEPA air purifiers will clean a bedroom-sized area with an air exchange rate of 12-15 times per hour and still do a good cleaning job in open family room areas to approximately 1000 square feet. These HEPA air purifiers are very quiet and the replacement filter costs are very low compared to the many other lower quality units on the market! STAY AWAY FROM THE LOW QUALITY MADE IN CHINA HEPA AIR CLEANERS AND AIR PURIFIERS FOUND IN BIG BOX STORES! These made in China low quality air purification products have a very low air exchange rate per hour with hardly any activated carbon in them to remove chemical out-gassing from your home or office. If they won’t protect you properly don’t waste your money on them because they are less expensive!

Clean Your Home Or Office Only With Sealed HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Did you know that almost all residential vacuum cleaners including HEPA and water vacuum cleaners ARE NOT SEALED and while vacuuming they spew tens of thousands of particles made of dirt mixed with chemicals, bacteria, dead skin, dust mite allergen, mold spores and sometimes lead and asbestos into your indoor air to breathe? People rarely realize that they often walk through lawns and other areas that are loaded with toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides only to bring them indoors to contaminate the home or office. Toxic carpet fibers are also routinely sucked up into your vacuum cleaner and then released into the air to breathe while vacuuming. The same goes for asbestos and lead! Many older homes and office buildings are still loaded with asbestos insulation, lead paint and lead coated window treatments that degrade and release toxic fibers and fine powder into the air to fall onto furniture and carpet to be vacuumed and re-released into the air to breathe!
We have tested many vacuum cleaners; both HEPA filtered and water types! Brands we have tested include Miele Nilfisk, Electrolux, Dyson, Sears- Kenmore, TriStar, Miracle Mate, ORECK, Compact, HALO, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Eureka and Rainbow water vacuums. The one and only vacuum cleaner that proved to be 100 percent sealed while also passing a zero laser particle count test at 99.97% of contaminants at 0.3 micron in particle size was the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner made in the USA. The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner is very powerful and lightweight weighing only 13 pounds. Another impressive advantage of the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner is its ability to never lose its suction and cleaning ability, even when filled with 15 pounds of dirt or sand. The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner has a 35 foot electric cord and both the motor and carpet beater bar power head nozzle have overheat protection circuitry which will not allow the power head or motor to overheat under any condition. We feel that the Air Storm is simply the most user friendly and highest quality HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market both in the USA and throughout the entire world!

Thank you for reading this report. If you truly desire to make positive changes in your life to preserve and improve your health and wellness please take the information above seriously. For more information or for a free indoor air quality and water filtration consultation you are welcome to directly call Barry Cohen the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers and Allergy Products.

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