We Recommend Using Only NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaners With Spinning Turbo Carpet Brushes!

The New Law (PDF)
Starting April 22, 2010 all contractors must follow new EPA lead safe practice guidelines for disturbing or removing lead paint in homes, child care facilities and schools that were built before 1978. Contractors that do any work that involves lead paint that falls into the new guidelines must submit a proper application form to the EPA called the application for firm certification with a Fee. After the application has been accepted the contractor must then take and pass a comprehensive training class to learn how to perform proper lead-safe work practices when dealing with lead paint on jobsites. Also all contractors must provide tenants with a, EPA pre-renovation disclosure form to read and sign stating that the tenants have also received and read the EPA information pamphlet titled Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information For Families, Child Care Providers and Schools.

Homeowners working on their own homes are not required to become certified HOWEVER they are still legally responsible for the safety of their family or children in their care! It is advisable that anyone doing any renovation or construction that involves disturbing lead paint get a copy of the EPA information pamphlet titled Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information For Families, Child Care Providers and Schools. This can be downloaded on your computer in a PDF format from the website at http://www.epa.gov You can also call the National Lead Information Center for more information at Toll Free 1-800-424 LEAD (5323). They will send you more information on how to work safely in a home with lead based paint.

NOTE: Contractors that get caught because they are not EPA certified or not using the proper EPA approved lead abatement methods or equipment such as using proper sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners with power heads for cleaning lead dust from floors and carpeting will be subjected to HUGE FINES up to $37,500.00. So please folks take this seriously and do lead paint abatement properly!

The Necessary Equipment For Lead Paint Abatement Cleaning

Proper safety equipment necessary to properly clean lead paint should include heavy-duty thick mil plastic sheeting with commercial quality duct tape to isolate the work area from the rest of the house or building to prevent contamination while working.

EPA Certified HEPA respirators to be worn for protection from lead dust and possible smoke at all times by everyone in the work area.

Disposable Tyvek suits should be worn to cover your clothing and body and then the Tyvek suit should be disposed of immediately after leaving the work area every single time.

Sealed work gloves so lead can’t penetrate into your skin while working with lead paint dust.

Only use proper commercial/industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners to do lead paint abatement cleaning! See the information below!

EXTRA IMPORTANT INFORMATION WHEN USING HEPA VACUUM CLEANERS: A properly sealed commercial/industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner needs to be used to contain the lead dust and debris during the lead paint abatement cleaning job.

New Required Rotating Brush Heads For Carpet Cleaning: The new EPA RRP rule law now requires all HEPA vacuum cleaners for lead paint abatement cleaning to include a rotating brush head nozzle for cleaning lead paint debris and dust from carpeted areas!

URGENT NOTE: All HEPA vacuum cleaners are not the same because many of them leak contaminated air around the HEPA filters and through the case of the vacuum cleaner itself! Do not use store bought residential or shop vac types of HEPA vacuum cleaners! They are not sealed properly and they will blow lead dust all over the workspace further contaminating the entire area!

Sealed commercial and industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners must be at least 99.97 percent efficient down to 0.3 microns of particle size for lead abatement cleaning. HOWEVER—- It is better, safer and recommended to use commercial/industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner models that are 99.99% percent efficient down to 0.3 microns, which meets or exceeds OSHA and EPA requirements for lead abatement cleaning.

Always dispose of your lead paint and dust debris in sealable heavy-duty thick Mil Poly hazardous material disposal bags! Dispose of only in the hazardous material section of your local dump to avoid ground water contamination.

The Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaners We Recommend—- For lead paint removal, abatement and cleaning under The New EPA Lead Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule Law are the commercial/industrial NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners. NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners are (Made In The USA) and specifically designed for lead abatement with models being 99.99 % percent efficient down to 0.3 microns of particle size. NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners are both higher quality and more user-friendly then other HEPA vacuum cleaners while having the advantage of being less expensive then other brands that are on the market.

Best Selling NIKRO Model For Contractors Dealing With Lead Paint

The best choice and best selling model for contractors that deal with the RRP lead paint law is the PW15110 15 gallon wet/dry HEPA vacuum cleaner with the USA Philadelphia made AMETEK LAMB Motor! The PW15110 HEPAvacuum cleaner is a powerful workhorse mounted on an easy to maneuver heavy duty metal cart that will give you years and years of top notch service. Another great advantage of the PW15110 HEPA vacuum cleaner is the ability to vacuum your debris directly into heavy duty 4MIL hazardous waste bags that fit right inside of the vacuum cleaners tank. This makes it safe fast and easy to dispose of your lead paint and other hazardous debris that include asbestos, powdered lead and toxic molds.

NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaners-— Are made for and above the standards for lead, asbestos and mold abatement / remediation.

NIKRO ADVANTAGE—Many HEPA vacuum cleaners require expensive paper containment bags in them that have to be replaced often and then placed into a Heavy Mil Hazardous Waste Poly bag for disposal. The NIKRO has the advantage of being able to SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY by installing the heavy Mil hazardous waste poly bag directly into the NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners holding tank! Just remove when full, seal the poly bag and take it to the hazardous waste dump for disposal!

The NIKRO Rotating Turbo Carpet Brush Advantage—Another NIKRO advantage is unlike other commercial/industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner manufactures NIKRO offers the EPA RRP Rule Required rotating brush systems that attach to all of their HEPA vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets while doing lead paint abatement cleaning. NIKRO Turbo Brush rotating carpet brush systems are high quality and relatively inexpensive.

We hope that this report about the new EPA Lead Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule Law and proper HEPA vacuum cleaners with required equipment for lead paint removal, remediation cleaning has been a big help for you!

For more information on HEPA vacuum cleaners and other products for lead, asbestos and mold abatement please see the websites at https://aircleaners.com and http://www.1vacuumcleaners.com Or feel free to call Barry Cohen the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners & HEPA Vacuum Cleaners for a Free Phone Consultation at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324