Don’t Get Ripped Off By Consumer Reports Magazine’s Misleading And False Claims on HEPA Air Purifiers. Read This Helpful Report!

Consumer Reports Magazine prints loads of inaccurate and even downright false information to the public about how to choose the best quality air purifiers! Do not trust Consumer Reports air purifier information that is coming from third-party organizations that push and sell mostly inexpensive low-quality junk air purifiers that are made in China to end up in big box stores! It is very important that you do your own diligent research! When searching for quality HEPA  air purifiers for your family’s allergy, asthma and indoor air quality needs. You must be very careful not to be misled and deceived by false claims and product wording in advertising that is too good to be true! And there are tons of them! If you want a HEPA air purifier that will do the best and proper job, you want to purchase a  100 percent sealed air purifier unit(s) with A REAL HEPA FILTER INSIDE OF IT THAT WILL CLEAN ALLERGENS WITH 99.97% OF EFFICIENCY DOWN TO .03 MICRONS OF PARTICLE SIZE.

What you also want to look for when purchasing quality HEPA air purifiers are ones that are QUIET that include a replaceable pre-filter or drum that is filled with pounds of activated carbon for odor and chemical out-gassing absorption. It is very important to find a HEPA air purifier that will give you the highest air exchange rate per hour in any given sized room or open space for the least amount of future filter replacement cost! The higher quality units may cost more money upfront, but they will save you thousands of dollars in future filter replacement costs in the years to come! If you are searching for a unit that will also kill viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, only look at units that use medical grade non-ozone producing ultraviolet light systems

Don’t be misled by companies that advertise HEPA Type, HEPA Silent, HEPA Kind, Washable HEPA filters, or Cleanable HEPA filters. Also, don’t be fooled by companies selling air cleaners and air purifiers that use names for their units or filters that include the word HEPA in it when the filters used are actually not real HEPA filters at all! {It’s Amazing What Some Companies Will Do} Real HEPA filters that go inside of air purifiers cannot be washed or cleaned. Replacement of HEPA filters in quality air purifiers will last 3-5 years on average and replacement costs are reasonable.

Quality HEPA air purifiers will be sealed so no dirty air can bypass the filters to be blown back into the environment, include pounds of activated carbon to absorb and remove out-gassing chemicals from the air that come from new carpeting, new furniture, paints, glues, and other building materials. The pounds of activated carbon in quality HEPA air cleaners can last for months to years at a time before they must be replaced at a reasonable cost.

Low-quality HEPA air purifiers advertise activated carbon included but the carbon is often only sprayed carbon dust that is impregnated into a piece of cloth or sponge material that also serves as a replaceable pre-filter. The truth is that pre-filters sprayed with carbon dust will only last a few days at the most, which is misleading and almost worthless! Since low-quality pre-filters do not last long and have to be replaced often, this can be very costly! Some low-quality HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers use chemical perfumes to mask odors. These odor-masking chemicals could trigger your allergies or asthma and also make you sick!



Companies that boast that their HEPA air purifiers also include negative ionizers are really misleading the public with this advertising hype! Since negative ionizers work by dropping dust and allergens that are floating in the air to the ground and onto surfaces around them, they are also dropping the dust and allergens away from the HEPA filter in the air purifier so the filter cannot do its job by removing the dust and allergens from the air by capturing them into the HEPA filter. In other words, HEPA filtered air purifiers that include negative ionizers work against themselves, thus preventing them from properly removing the dust and allergens from your indoor air environment! The companies that manufacture HEPA air purifiers with negative ionizers included in them know that they do not operate properly to filter the dust and allergens into the filter! They manufacturer these products because they know that they can sell them to unaware consumers that will think that they are getting something special for their money!

Also by dropping the dust and allergens away from the air cleaners HEPA filter they can score points for a rigged improper test called {CADR} that is done by an appliance industry marketing organization called AHAM that tests their own high paying member’s air purifiers to their own tailor-made standards. THEY DO THIS TO FOOL THE PUBLIC INTO THINKING THAT THEY CLEAN BETTER THAN OTHER HEPA AIR PURIFIERS DO! Here are some of the misleading brands that include ionizers with their air filters. Hunter, Honeywell, Blueair, Holmes, Amcor, Rabbit Air, etc…

Example: Blueair:

#1 The Blueair air purifier units Do Not Use Certified HEPA filters in their air cleaners. They are not even real HEPA air purifiers at all! The people at Blueair use much lower quality pleated air filter media held together by cardboard and they deceivingly call them HEPA Silent filters saying that they should be replaced every 6 months.

#2 The Blueair units use negative ionizers that produce small amounts of OZONE. Blueair says that you can use a replaceable carbon filter pad to reduce or remove the ozone output. However, it is questionable how long the carbon pad will last. The EPA generally says to stay away from air purifiers that produce ozone. QUOTE FROM THE EPA “ Relatively low amounts can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. Ozone may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections. People vary widely in their susceptibility to ozone. Healthy people, as well as those with respiratory difficulty, can experience breathing problems when exposed to ozone. ” This is the truth! So why does Consumer Reports Magazine support this low-quality air purifier?

Consumer Reports Magazine Supports These Improper AHAM CADR TESTS While Recommending Inferior Air Purifiers To The Unsuspecting Public That Blindly Trusts Them! This is a real shame and it proves that you really have to be careful trusting anything Consumer Reports Magazine recommends!

CLICK This Link To Learn The Entire Story About Consumer Reports And AHAM’s CADR Air Cleaner TEST!

The Best HEPA Air Purifier With A Ultraviolet Light System

HEPA air purifiers that also include ultraviolet light systems are wonderful because they can destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold spores on top of removing the dust and airborne allergens from the air. However, stay away from HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers that include {Ozone producing} ultraviolet {UV} lights! Ozone can be an irritant to people with asthma and other lung problems! ONLY coated medical-grade ultraviolet bulbs that do not produce any ozone at all are safe and acceptable. Coated medical-grade ultraviolet light bulbs will do a great job of killing bacteria, viruses, and mold spores and they produce no {ZERO} OZONE. The (Made In Canada) Airpura UV600 HEPA air cleaners with medical-grade non-ozone producing ultraviolet light system are your best choice because they hold the patent on directing the UV light coverage into all sides of the intake area of the HEPA filter, which is the only proper air purifier design with an ultraviolet light system to do the right job!

Quality HEPA Air Purifiers To Check Out

If you are searching for a truly high-quality HEPA air purifier, research The Airpura UV HEPA Air purifiers especially the Airpura UV600 unit and Austin Air HEPA Air Purifiers

Thank you for reading this report. It is our desire and hope that this information will help you in choosing the proper HEPA air purifier that will best fit your individual needs. Please be diligent and do your own research to confirm the information we have provided to you. Then you can make an informed and educated decision when purchasing your HEPA  air purifier.

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