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How To Choose A Proper High Quality HEPA Air Purifier For The Best Dust, Allergy & Asthma Control 

Comparing High Quality Air Purifiers To Low Quality Models. There are dozens and dozens of different brands, types and models of air purifiers on the market these days due to airborne contagious viruses and because of the large increase in energy efficient homes and buildings. The construction of today’s home and buildings are so airtight, very little fresh air from the outside can flow into and through them to dilute and reduce the effects due to the buildup of dusts, dust mite allergen, pet dander proteins and out-gassing chemicals that are creating an upsurge in allergies, asthma, COPD, other respiratory problems and immune system dysfunctions. 

Low Quality Air Purifiers! Why They Are A Bad Choice To Spend Your Hard Earned Money On 

Often when people discover that that they need to purchase air purifiers for their home its because they are really suffering due to the buildup of the reactive contaminants and allergens affecting their indoor air quality, comfort and health. 

Most people quickly react by running out to the local big box store or they go online to purchase an air purifier or two without first doing their diligent research to learn and discover which type, brands or models of air purifiers will best fit their individual needs to make the difference they need to do the proper job of cleaning their indoor air to actually improve their health. 

The great majority of these air purifiers are not properly sealed and they allow reactive dust, allergens and biological contaminants to leak from around their unsealed inefficient filters and from the units cases to breathe and react to while they are operating. Many low quality air purifiers have air exchange rate per hour going through them are so low they are not able to properly clean the air even in small rooms. Many low quality air purifiers have zero or very little activated carbon in them to adsorb and remove odors and toxic out-gassing chemicals from the air. 

Low quality air purifier manufacturers and their dealers often make amazing far fetched claims about the performance if their units that includes outlandish square foot areas that they can effectively clean the air in. They also boast about having activated carbon in their units to remove odors and out-gassing chemicals. The truth is that most of these units actually contain only an ounce or two of carbon dust that is impregnated  into a piece of cloth or foam that is almost worthless because it quickly becomes totally saturated and over adsorbed within hours or within a few days. Also many dealers will create overinflated high prices on air purifiers, they then show a large discount to trick potential customers into thinking that they are getting a great deal! Beware of deals that look too good to be true! 

Types of low quality air purifiers that do very little for dust, allergies, asthma and COPD include ozone-ionizer air purifiers made by Sharper Image and other, units with Truman cells made by ORECK which are old World War 2 technology electrostatic-precipitators that can mostly remove only a small amount of fine dust and smoke particles. 

Other air purifier manufacturers call almost worthless electrically charged narrow strips of metal in their units “ filters”. These electristatically charged metal strips can only hold very little dust before they become overloaded with dust and worthless. Some of these air purifiers are being sold by Sharper Image that sold the Ionic Breeze.

There are also many low quality air purifiers on the market that do indeed contain HEPA filters but like many other low quality units on the market they are extremely leaky and not sealed properly. Low quality HEPA air purifiers are almost always not sealed properly allowing them to leak a large enough amount of dust and allergens back into the air to breathe and react too while operating. These same units contain very little carbon and are so low powered their air exchange rate per hour is inadequate to the point that they cannot effectively clean the air even in very small rooms or areas. 

Some brands of these lowest quality but very common HEPA air purifiers sold on the market include Honeywell, Holmes, Vornando, Xiaomi, Hunter, Sharp, Airfree, Dyson. Germ Guardian, Rabbit Air, Winix and others. All of these low quality air purifiers are Made In China! the Next step up on quality but still far from actually being high in quality includes Blue Air, IQ Air, Molecule. Oransi, Alen Air, Coway Airmega, QuietPure Home Air Purifiers, LG and others 

High Quality HEPA Air Purifiers! Why They Are Superior To Others And Your Best Choice

There are a handful of truly high quality air purifiers on the market that can and will provide a huge increase in your homes indoor air quality by removing the triggers for true and actual dust, allergy, asthma and COPD control. When people step up to a high quality HEPA air purifier after already owning a low quality unit the difference in performance and a much higher level of clean indoor air quality is quickly noticeable and appreciated! 

Top quality brands of HEPA air purifiers are simply not made in China! They are Made In The USA and Canada! High quality HEPA air purifiers are 100 percent sealed HEPA filtered air purifiers with powerful but quiet motors. They will provide a much higher air exchange rate per hour in any size room compared to the lower quality units on the market and this is very important! 

Quality HEPA air purifiers will include multiple pounds of replaceable activated carbon or a carbon zeolite mix that will last up to 2 years depending on the indoor air environment and poundage amount of carbon or carbon zeolite in the unit. High quality sealed HEPA air purifiers with multiple pounds of replaceable activated carbon or sometimes with an activated carbon-zeolite mix will without question make for a major reduction in airborne allergens, odors and out-gassing chemicals in open areas up to and beyond 1000 square feet. 

The actual HEPA filter in quality HEPA air purifiers will be thicker, have more pleats and contain a much higher amount of HEPA material than in lower quality units. This will allow high quality units to capture a significant larger amount of dust and allergens for a longer period of time!  The HEPA filter in high quality air purifiers will be 100 percent sealed in the units case to prevent any leakage of dust and allergens back into the indoor air environment while operating. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no such thing as overkill when purchasing a quality HEPA air purifier. The smaller the room is the higher the air exchange rate per hour will be! The higher the air exchange rate is the better the the HEPA air purifier’s performance will be for the highest possible level of clean indoor air quality in any size room or open area!  It is wrong to think that a small room should have a small sized air purifier! Small air purifiers do an inadequate small job of cleaning the air! High quality HEPA air purifiers are not overly large and they will easily fit in both family rooms and bedrooms! The average size HEPA air purifier unit is Aprox 15” square by Aprox 24” High. 

Remember these are all room air purifiers so they are made to clean the air in single open rooms that include bedrooms, family rooms and office spaces. For the reasons explained above high quality air purifiers are simply far superior to the many others others on the market found in local big box stores and online that are almost always made in China. Most people will place one unit in any needed bedroom and one in the family room where people spend the most time together. This way the people that are suffering due to poor indoor air quality can walk from one clean air space to the other without reacting from the triggers that cause flair ups that aggravate allergies, asthma COPD ect… Quality HEPA air purifiers are made to run non stop 24-7 in the rooms they are operating in so they can keep the indoor air environment clean and healthy around the clock! 

The highest quality HEPA air purifiers cover every possible need and will often include a non ozone producing (UV) ultraviolet light system that operate in this targeted light spectrum that can and will destroy airborne biological contaminants that include airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores to help protect peoples immune systems. This is especially important for people allergic to mold spores and for those with low or compromised immune systems including people with cancer that are going through chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, bone marrow transplants, organ transplants and other treatments that lower or destroy the immune system!

These people need high quality HEPA air purifiers with ultraviolet light systems to prevent biological contaminants from entering into their bodies and to help protect their very lives! 

The High Quality HEPA Air Purifiers We Recommend & Where To Find Them

My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners. I have over 30 years of experience in the indoor air quality and air purifier industries. I am extremely diligent when it comes to researching, testing and choosing the absolute best, highest quality HEPA air purifiers to remove the dust, dust mite allergen, pet allergens and other airborne allergens that also include biological contaminants such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses from the indoor air environment of your home to protect your family. 

There is a huge difference in the performance and air cleaning ability of low quality compared to high quality HEPA air purifiers. If you desire a noticeable high level of indoor air quality in your home I recommend that you take the step up to the much higher quality HEPA air purifiers that are made In The USA and Canada. 

These units are well worth the money you will spend and the difference in price compared to many of the much lower quality air purifiers on the market is not a deal breaker for most people, especially for the educated consumers that take the time to learn about the differences in the many different types of air purifiers being sold on the market. Top brands to look for include the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV600 with powerful ultraviolet light system and the Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air purifiers (Made In The USA)

For more information on these two top quality HEPA air purifiers see the website at or call the company direct for a 100% free phone consultation at 561-629-5618

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