Chinese drywall is still a huge problem for many thousands of families and business’s that continue to suffer from the half a billion pounds plus of toxins called volatile organic compounds (VOC’S) that are out gassing from the poisonous Chinese drywall still nailed onto walls and ceilings. The drywall is made from a coal byproduct called fly ash!

It’s amazing that the United States Government’s division in the EPA did not regulate or catch this toxic Chinese drywall problem before it landed in up to 100,000 homes and business’s to make people chronically ill with it’s corrosive chemical out gassing from compounds that include hydrogen sulfide, butanethial, carbonyl sulfide, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, aluminum silica, mercaptan, methylthio pyridone, sulfurous acid, strontium sulfide and toxic heavy metals that include mercury and beryllium!

This cocktail of toxic chemicals is so corrosive, they are reported to be turning metals used in construction and appliances black which is a sign that the chemicals are dissolving the metal pipes and electrical wiring in homes and business which could be turning them into electrical fire hazard time bombs waiting to cause all kinds of dangerous problems in air conditioning –heating systems, appliances, electrical outlets, lighting systems and water pipes.

The offending Chinese drywall is said to often smell like rotten eggs and is more prone to mold growth in humid environments!

But wait! Remember this is only half of the problem! These VOC toxins also seem to be corrosive to the people, pets and plants that have to live and try to survive in this toxic Chinese drywall nightmare!

Health problems include chronic sore throats; nose bleeds, coughing up blood, respiratory breathing problems, irritated eyes and headaches! Many people are flocking out to purchase HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers with multiple pounds of activated carbon to help remove as much as possible of the chemical out gassing VOC’s from the Chinese drywall because they are worried sick about what the short and long-term effects to their health, electrical wiring and pipes will be!

The hardest hit areas in the USA are Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Colorado!

Some people are using oral zeolite supplements and other detox products to help flush chemicals and the heavy metals from their bodies in attempts to avoid illness from the toxic drywall.

The EPA division of the Federal Government and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are taking the stance that the Chinese drywall is not yet linked to the many health problems being routinely reported by so many people that are living in homes that have utilized Chinese drywall! They are asking for more testing. Geesh!!!!

This is amazing considering that China has already caused so much sickness and death in the United States and around the world by contaminating tons and tons of dog and cat food killing and sickening thousands of peoples beloved pets, animal feed, powdered baby formula milk that killed a number of children and sickened more then 300,000 others by tainting both human and pet foods with the toxic chemical melamine (ALSO DERIVED FROM COAL). Chinese factory’s also continue to cause sickness and brain damage in baby’s and children because they are still using lead products in children’s toys!

The United States Government enjoys the Chinese funding for our lousy economy and consumers want the cheaper Chinese products flooding the shelves of big box stores. However enough is enough! Many people also feel that the Chinese, American and other Governments from around the world must immediately crack down to heavily prosecute offenders, regulate and prevent the manufacturing of all toxic products in China being exported and being sold as safe to the un-expecting masses! Maybe some of the fines from the offending Chinese factory’s can offset the cost of replacing the toxic Chinese drywall and compensate people for the tainted food products and lead covered toys for the people suffering because of it!

Many people feel that offending factory staff and owners in all countries from around the world should be governed alike for this kind of gross negligence that deprive people and animals of their health and lives!

If you are a victim or know others that can benefit from high quality HEPA air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers and zeolite detox supplements to reduce the suffering from health and corrosion problems due to the many toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are out gassing from Chinese drywall or from any other chemical out gassing problems see the website at Or call direct Toll Free At 1-888-578-7324