Chemotherapy Steps For Proper Home Cleaning To Protect Your Immune System & Life

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                Preparing Your Home For Chemotherapy

URGENT! How to prepare your home’s indoor environment to stay clean and safe when going through chemotherapy while also preparing for a stem cell transplant, bone marrow transplant or an organ transplant 

Chemotherapy is a process that involves orally ingesting or injecting chemicals by syringe or IV drip into the body to kill cancer cells! Unfortunately Chemotherapy also destroy’s the body’s immune system during the treatment process while preparing the body to do an often life saving stem cell, bone marrow or organ transplant! 

When Chemotherapy is used as a treatment for cancer and other diseases the toxic chemicals quickly destroy the white blood cell count in the body. This causes the body to lose its natural immunity to fight off many different types of infections and viruses that can cause adverse health problems when the immune system is in this extremely lowered level of activity that can no longer protect the body! 

While going through Chemotherapy it is very important to keep your already weakened body fully protected in your home or office space from breathing poor indoor air quality (IAQ) that may contain viruses, bacteria and mold spores that can further harm the immune system. 

During Chemotherapy for cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, or multiple myeloma that requires a bone marrow transplant, stem cell transplant or organ transplant at the hospital it is important (Imperative) to stay away from other sick or contaminated people that may infect the person going through the Chemotherapy with any kind of airborne virus or bacteria.  

Both the hospital room, the bedroom and family room at home must be kept as close to a clean room environment as possible during Chemotherapy until the person going through Chemotherapy’s immune system can regain the ability to rebuild itself after the treatment is over.  

Many hospitals include a quality HEPA air Purifier with a non-ozone producing ultraviolet (UV) light system in isolation rooms for people going through this treatment. It is important that the HEPA air purifier has a high rate of air exchange per hour so it can catch and destroy any airborne virus, bacteria or mold spores in the room quickly. 

 A quality HEPA air purifier should be able to clean the air in an average hospital room or bedroom sized area up to 8 to 12 times per hour. The air purifier should also include multiple pounds of activated carbon to absorb any out-gassing chemicals that can and will be coming from carpeting, building materials and furniture throughout the home or building. 

If Chemotherapy for leukemia, lymphoma, or multiple myeloma is being done in an out patient basis and the person is living at home or has just been released from the hospital it is very important to keep the home EXTREMELY CLEAN!  

Bedding and clothing should be washed in hot water 2-3 times per week and all hard surfaces in the home must be kept clean and disinfected with proper antibacterial disinfectants with extra care for the bathrooms and kitchen. 

Remove all plants and flowers from the hospital room or home! This is because the dirt surrounding any plants or in flower water vases will often include mold spores that can be very dangerous. 

Wash all plates. bowls, silverware cups and glasses in hot water with antibacterial dish soap to prevent infections of the digestive system.

Keep sick friends and relatives away from your hospital room and home and if there is any questions that a visitor is sick make them wear a hospital-approved N95 rated face mask. 

People going through Chemotherapy for leukemia, lymphoma, or multiple myeloma should wash their hands often especially after using the bathroom and all fruits and vegetables should be well scrubbed under clean running water to remove any pesticides or mold spores. 

Stay away from any and all mold and sources of mold spores! Have someone that is healthy clean and remove all possible sources of mold in the home and throw away any object that has mold growing on it. 

The Best HEPA Air Purifier Choice When Going Through Chemotherapy

Only purchase high quality HEPA air purifiers that include a non-ozone producing Ultraviolet (UV) light system with a ultraviolet lamp dosage that is powerful enough to destroy biological contaminants that include airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores.  

We have found that the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier is now the best unit on the market for this job and for its reasonable cost that includes a powerful non ozone producing UV light system that includes a more than enough Ultraviolet Dosage of 30,000 Micro-Watts Sec / CM2 of power at an efficiency of 99 percent!

 Hospitals use the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier to protect their patients going through Chemotherapy for leukemia, lymphoma, or multiple myeloma.

At home most people will place one UV600 HEPA air purifier in the bedroom and one in the family room where people spend the most time to relax and watch TV. 

 If time is spent in a home office another Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier should be placed in that office space area as well.   

 The air exchange rate per hour and the UV light system in the Airpura UV600 is over twice as powerful than any other HEPA air purifier on the market with or without a UV light system. 

         Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Choice 

When going through chemotherapy it is important to vacuum the home much more often than usual to keep it extremely clean to keep the person going through chemotherapy safe!  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Almost all vacuum cleaners on the market LEAK & SPEW bacteria filled dust back into the air of the indoor air environment to breathe into the lungs and then into the body’s immune system to cause damage and cause them to become even sicker and weaker during and after vacuuming. This is extremely dangerous for anyone going through Chemotherapy and for those with a weakened immune system! 

 Only vacuum with a 100% SEALED HEPA vacuum cleaner that has zero leakage! 

 We have found that the Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner is (MADE IN THE USA) to be the absolute best HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market as it is one hundred percent sealed and no contaminated dust will blow back into the indoor environment to breathe while vacuuming. 

 The Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner will pass a zero laser particle count test at 99.97 percent of efficiency down to .03 microns of particle size and they are used by many health agencies in their buildings to protect the people that work in them, the armed forces to keep the patriot missile systems clean and the Federal Government to protect equipment and personnel from many different types of contamination. 

 Other attractive features of the Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner include is that you can fill the dust collector bag with 15 pounds of sand and not lose any power, suction or cleaning ability at all. The Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner will also out clean and outperform all other HEPA vacuum cleaners on the market and they are made to last and provide service for over 35 years. 

   More Important Steps To Take When Going Through Chemotherapy Or For Those With A Weak Immune System 

If the person going through Chemotherapy is preparing for a bone marrow transplant, stem cell transplant or organ transplant or simply has a weakened immune system and is living in a home with air ducts that are connected to a heating (Furnace) or air conditioning (A/C) system, it is a good practice keep the A/C or furnace system clean and to replace the low quality 3-5 percent inefficient throw away air filters with a high quality almost 90 percent efficient self charging electrostatic air filter.  

These lifetime, vac-able and washable custom made to size air filters are not expensive and they can be cleaned monthly and replaced back into the system to provide many years of high quality air filtration to help keep the ductwork, A/C-furnace system and home clean with much less dust and the bacteria and mold spores that ride on airborne dust particles to breathe and react to. 

Stay away from raw foods! Thoroughly cook all meat, chicken and fish! Do not ingest raw eggs, raw milk or cookie dough.

Bathe pets once a week and remember that cat and other animal litter boxes should be cleaned thoroughly and often by someone other than the person going through Chemotherapy or if they suffer from a weakened immune system. 

Toys and play areas should be well vacuumed with a 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner and kept clean with antimicrobial surface disinfectants! Remember to always give children that are going through  chemotherapy toys and dolls that can be easily cleaned or washed with a non reactive laundry soap in a hot water washing machine.  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Keep children out of sandboxes. This is because sandboxes can be infected with many different strains of bacteria, viruses that may also include dangerous parasites! This is because cats, dogs and other animals will often use a sandbox for their personal bathroom! 

Anyone going through Chemotherapy for leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma or people with with a weakened immune system should stay away from hot tubs, hot springs, Jacuzzi’s, swimming pools and the ocean water at any beach until their white blood cell count and immune system comes back to a full normal level.  

Swimming pools and swimming areas often have molds, bacteria and virus levels that are very dangerous for people with low white blood cell counts and weakened immune systems. 

Thank you for reading this report on how to prepare the homes indoor environment for anyone going through chemotherapy and accompanying treatments!  

It is our mission that this report is to be shared as a wonderful source of helpful information for you or a loved one going through these health related situations! 

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