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Aug 27, 2019Residential HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

The old question continues between canister and upright vacuum cleaners. Which one is better? This report will give you facts about both types of vacuum cleaners along with the final answer that will direct you to which vacuum cleaner is the absolute best on the planet and it will explain why it is the best! 

Accurate Facts On Upright Vacuum Cleaners 

The great majority of the vacuum cleaners purchased are uprights. The bottom line is because they cost much less than canisters to manufacture therefore there are many more uprights to choose from. These uprights are often being sold at lower prices than canisters  mostly at big box stores such as at Walmart, Target, Bed, Bath And Beyond and many other places. Are they better than canisters? The answer is a big fat NO! Uprights are more convenient than canisters because the power head is connected to the vacuum cleaner. However this design also creates an instant problem in their ability to clean hard to reach areas between and under furniture and beds. Many uprights also include a suction hose that can disconnect from the handle to clean hard to get to places. The problem is these hoses are very short and the vacuum cleaner will often fall over to bump into and scratch up furniture while trying to reach areas to clean with the tools that attach to them. Uprights because of their size are bulky and hard to fit in many closet spaces. Upright vacuum cleaners often have smaller access to get to dust collection bags or fragile plastic removable dust collector cups that often spill over to recontaminate areas that have just been cleaned. 

 Also since the motors are attached to the power-heads of uprights they are often lower in power and have less suction and cleaning ability compared to most canister types of vacuum cleaners. The rechargeable battery uprights are even worse! When the powerhead fails on upright vacuum cleaners they need to be quickly repaired or replaced before you can vacuum the carpeting and or floors again. The lower quality air filters and HEPA filters are very small and often inadequate to filter the fine dust, allergens and bacteria that spew out of the cases of uprights and back into the home or office indoor air to breathe and react too. This is because the cases on upright vacuum cleaners are not sealed well making them prone to a large amount of leakage. Even the higher quality uprights that include the Kirby, Shark, Bissell and Dyson vacs lack power and cleaning ability, plus they are not able to reach into smaller or tight spaces to properly clean them. 

Accurate Facts On Canister Vacuum Cleaners


There are not many disadvantages to canister vacuum cleaners compared to uprights. The two possible disadvantages of canisters compared to uprights are that the power-heads are not directly attached to the rest of the vacuum cleaner like an upright is so attaching the flexible hose and wands between the powerhead and the canister takes a few seconds to do if they are not already connected as they most often are. However the advantages of having so much more room and flexibility to clean into tight spaces with both the powerhead and the rest of the specialized tools far outweigh that of any upright vacuum cleaner.  

Canister vacuum cleaners can clean areas that uprights just can’t get too. These areas include under beds couches and other furniture, on top of book shelves, counter tops, refrigerator tops, dressers, ceiling and ceiling fans and any other high areas that can be cleaned with a canister especially if you attach them to a ladder for the highest areas. Also the higher quality canister vacuum cleaners are often more expensive then most uprights. However there are good reasons for the sometimes added expense. These reasons are, canister vacuum cleaners often have larger much more powerful motors for better suction and cleaning ability! Canisters are able to accommodate larger more efficient filtration systems that are built into or onto them, especially the ones that include HEPA filters. They are more compact in size to fit in small closet spaces. Canister vacuum cleaners also allow for larger dust collection bags and easier removal of the dust collection bags that fit into canisters under easy to open access doors to gain access to them after they fill up and are ready to be replaced.

One Negative Fact That Both Uprights And Most Canisters Share 

The one negative problem that all uprights and most canisters share but is absolutely not a problem for one canister HEPA vacuum cleaner is that when the plastic dust collector cups in uprights and dust collection bags in both type of units fill up with debris it restricts air flow by stoping the air from penetrating through the dust collection bags to then pass through to the motor and then out of the vacuum cleaner’s exhaust port. As the dust collector bags fill up with dust and debris the more this air restriction causes these vacuum cleaners to lose power, suction and cleaning ability. This also causes the motors in these vacuum cleaners to heat up as they work harder to push more air through them thus limiting the service life on these motors. When the bags are over half way full and the motors are heating up you can actually smell the odor of burning dust while you vacuum!


The Best Vacuum Cleaner On The Market That Never Loses Suction & Cleaning Ability

     Is The (Made In The USA) Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner (Its A CanisterType) 

Through the years we have tested dozens of brands and models of different types of HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners. We used to sell both  Nilfisk and Miele HEPA vacuum cleaners because they were considered to be the best. However when we were given the Air Storm dealership to sell online throughout the United States, Canada and beyond we quickly dropped both Miele and Nilfisk after discovering how superior the (Made In The USA) Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner performed compared to them and to all of the other vacuum cleaners we have tested on the market. The difference is truly amazing! The lightweight but powerful Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner is made of a very light kevlar type of material that can fall down a flight of stairs without damaging the case externally or the internal components. The sturdy caster wheels allow this unit to follow you like a puppy while vacuuming both carpeting and hard floor surfaces. The powerful but quiet motor is (Made In The USA) by Ametek Lamb and it is considered to be the highest quality electric motors on the market.  

Because of this vacuum cleaners unique engineering design, the Air Storm HEPA vac always maintains its power without ever losing suction or cleaning ability even when you fill its dust collection bag to the very top with 15 pounds of dense dirt or sand. This is possible because of its design ability to send and divert the heavier dust and dirt into the dust collection bag below while the cleaner lighter air is carried over the dust collector bag and NOT through it! If the bag is absolutely filled with dust to the top you can actually see a groove like spread being cut through the dust and dirt all the way to its exhaust port and onward into its 100 percent sealed HEPA filter to catch the smallest particles of dust and allergens to prevent them from blowing out of the Air Storm and back into your indoor air environment to breathe and react to.  Due to this units unique design and high quality Ametek Lamb motor the Air Storm’s normal service lifespan is just over 35 years!  

The units case and HEPA filtration system is sealed so well you can legally do small asbestos, lead and mold abatement jobs with these Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners. The replaceable 3 year HEPA filter that attaches to the exhaust port is made to USA military standards and they will filter particulate down to .03 microns at an efficiency of 99.97 percent.  

Another added advantage of the Air Storm over all other vacuum cleaners is that they use Venturi air vent technology in all of their tools to double the CFM air flow into into them for extra added power and cleaning ability! The Air Storm cleans carpeting so well it doesn’t just look clean, the carpeting actually looks groomed.    

We have sold thousands of Air Storm’s through the years. Some of our customers include the US Army that utilizes one Air Storm in each  Patriot Missile system maintenance kit to keep the inside components clean in adverse weather conditions (Mostly In Dusty Sandy Deserts), The White House itself and other United States Government buildings around the world, National Institute Of Health (NIH) In Maryland and many other Government and private agencies. 

However It’s important to know that the great majority of our Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners are sold to everyday families to keep their homes extremely clean and family members healthy. 

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