Urgent Steps To Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

Urgent Steps To Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

People often suffer debilitating symptoms due to the triggers that cause flair ups of allergies, asthma COPD and chronic health problems caused by weakened immune system in their homes and they have now idea how and why this is happening to them and their families!

This article will show you what the triggers are to cause these miserable symptoms along with the answers by showing you the absolute best proper steps to stop and prevent the triggers that cause the poor indoor air quality from reoccurring.

Maintaining The Proper Humidity In Your Home Is Very Important

Did you know that the primary function of an air conditioning system is not to cool down the home? Its actually to remove the relative humidity out of the home! When the humidity is lowered the air in the home feels much more comfortable at any temperature and when the air is cooled down by the A/C system the indoor air becomes far more comfortable! If a home with an unbalanced A/C system that is cooling down the home but cannot reduce the relative humidity the air will feel cold , damp and clammy while being very uncomfortable to everyone in the home.

If the A/C system is creating a high humidity of over 50% in your homes indoor air will allow for and cause bacteria and mold spore growth throughout your A/C system and in your entire home!

If the humidity is borderline high you can replace your A/C systems thermostat that turns on the A/C system by setting the temperature to your desired level to a humidistat that turns on the A/C system based on setting the humidistat to turn on the A/C system when the humidity reaches the desired level so it can be lowered by the A/C system.

Its a good idea to purchase an inexpensive manual or digital hygrometer/temperature gauge from a big box store or online to closely monitor the relative humidity and temperature in your home. If your humidity is over 50 percent call your A/C company to check out your system. Please know about this humidity lowering trick. If you lower the speed of the blower motor in your A/C air handler it will almost always be able to remove more humidity from your home. Hopefully to a healthier level that is under 50%!

If this does not work your A/C system may be to large for the square footage of your home to cause a chronic high humidity problem.

The next step is to utilize a dehumidifier to lower the indoor humidity! Portable dehumidifiers do work, however whole house systems are easier to adjust the humidity level throughout the entire home and they do a better overall job compared to portable units! The last step if nothing else works to get the proper humidity in your home is to replace both your air handler and compressor unit that are a proper match for each other and to fit the square footage and design of your home!

Keeping The Home's A/C System And Indoor Air Quality Clean And Healthy With The Best A/C Air Filter

There are many causes that create contaminated poor indoor air quality in peoples homes! They include toxic mold growth due to roof leaks,, leaky basement walls and foundations, plumbing leaks and poorly insulated windows, doors and walls. However one of the most common sources of mold spores in the home is due lack of a quality A/C air filter! Low quality A/C air filters that most people purchase and only 3-5 percent efficient that allow for dirty mold contaminated A/C systems that start with dirty air handler evaporator coils that are constantly dripping water on the dirty coils that quickly grow mold to then blow mold spores along with other dust and allergens that include reactive dust mite and pet protein allergens throughout the duct system and into the entire home!

 The best and very inexpensive investment you can do to protect your entire A/C system and the indoor air quality of your home is to purchase a high quality Lifetime 90% efficient self charging electrostatic A/C air filter! These filters are washable and custom made to size to replace your existing A/C filter in the same space that it is now installed in. The best time to utilize this filter is when the home or A/C system is new as it will keep the air handler unit and the duct work dust, and allergen free for many years to come.

 If the A/C system is existing make sure that the air handler unit including its evaporator coil is clean. After you install this self charging electrostatic air filter it will continue to keep the A/C system clean by not allowing any dust and allergens to get through the filter to contaminate the system and your home.

 The best self charging electrostatic A/C air filter is the one Made By Absolute A/C Air Filters! Its (Made In The USA), 90% efficient but it also has the advantage of being extremely efficient while also having a very low air restriction rating of a MERV 6. The low amount of air restriction coming through this A/C filter will allow your home to cool down faster for lower electric bills!

 Please know that quality A/C air filters are designed to stop dust and allergens from contaminating the A/C system and it will greatly reduce the dust and allergens from blowing out of the A/C duct work and into the home. A/C air filters cannot remove the floating dust and allergens that are not in the area where the A/C filter is located to pull in the dirty air from that direct area.

 The Best Portable HEPA Room Air Purifier For Removing Outgassing Chemicals, Odors ,Dust And Allergens That Includes Pollen, Reactive Pet Dander And Dust Mite Allergen While Also Destroying Biological Contaminants That Include Airborne Viruses, Bacteria And Mold Spores!

Airborne dust and allergens that includes smoke particulate from wildfires and VOG from erupting volcanoes infiltrate into the home from many different sources that include from open windows and doors , from peoples shoes, clothing and from pets that walk in and outside of the home throughout the day. These are the dust and allergens that settle on all of the surfaces in the home until they are disturbed to send them airborne to breathe and react to, especially the highly reactive dust mite allergens and pet dander!

 This is why the next best step is to utilize high quality HEPA air purifiers in the home for quickly removing the airborne dust and allergens that are the triggers that create peoples allergy, asthma and COPD symptom reactions! High quality HEPA air purifiers will include multiple pounds of activated carbon in them to absorb and remove outgassing chemicals in the air that release from newer carpeting, particleboard wood cabinets, paints, stains,, solvents, plastic products, pesticides and wildfire smoke.

 The best HEPA air purifiers on the market will also include a non ozone producing ultraviolet light system that has a UV dosage that is strong enough to destroy any airborne virus, bacteria or mold spores that are pulled into the air purifier as it is cleaning the indoor air.

 One HEPA air purifier should be placed into any bedroom where family members with environmental allergies, asthma or COPD sleep at night. Another HEPA air purifier should be placed into the living room, family room or into any area where people hang out together to watch TV, listen to music, Ect... Home offices with a HEPA air purifier in the room will also be a big benefit for people with allergies. Having more then one HEPA air purifier will allow people to walk from one clean air living space to another without coming in contact with a large amount of airborne dust and allergens.

 The best HEPA room air purifiers on the market are the (Made In Canada) Airpura units. Airpura HEPA air purifiers come with and without ultraviolet light systems. The best non-ozone producing, UV every day all around Airpura Model is the R700 HEPA air purifier and the best unit that does it all to also include a powerful non ozone producing ultraviolet light system is the UV700 HEPA air purifier. Both units are powerful and extremely quiet which is great for noise intolerant people so they can sleep better at night. They both contain 18 pounds of activated carbon to remove outgassing chemicals and odors and they will effectively clean the air of dust and allergens in open rooms up to 2,000 square feet. In an average bedroom size area they will exchange and clean the air an average of 13-15 times per hour.

 Because of the growing indoor air quality dangers of breathing in toxic chemical outgassing, airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores that can effect the immune system and make people sick, the Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier is the most purchased unit!

 The Best 100 Percent Sealed Against Leakage HEPA Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Dust And Allergens That Include Reactive Dust Mite Allergen And Pet Allergens In Carpeting, Hard Surface Floors And Furniture

The next very important step to majorly improve the indoor air quality in your home is own a truly top quality 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner to properly clean your home of dust and allergens.

 The absolute best residential/commercial HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market WORLDWIDE is the (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner! The Air Storm Plus is a powerful lightweight canister type of HEPA vacuum cleaner that includes a full set of vacuuming tools that all uses State Of The Art Venturi Technology that doubles the air flow of the dust and allergens coming through the tools and into the vacuum cleaner for greatly increased cleaning ability of your carpeting, hard surface floors and furniture.

 The unique design of the Air Storm Plus allows the dust collector bag that fits into the unit's tank to be completely filled to the very top with 15 pounds of dirt or sand without ever losing , power, suction and cleaning ability. This is because the debris is carried above the motor to be deposited into the dust collector bag that fits into the tank. The Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is sealed so well you can legally do small asbestos, lead abatement and mold remediation jobs with it! Also You Will Never Have To Dust Your Home Again After Vacuuming With This 100% Sealed HEPA Vacuum Cleaner!

 The Air Storm Plus is made to last 35 plus years without problems and it cleans carpeting so well it actually looks newer and groomed after each vacuuming. If you or a family member has chronic dust mite or pet allergies to your family pet dog(s) cat(s) or bird(s) diligent vacuuming 2-3 times per week with the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner will make a huge difference in removing and controlling these very reactive allergens for a noticeable increase of health and wellness!

 Please know that if you follow all of these dust and allergy prevention steps it will create a huge noticeable improvement in your indoor air quality and your family's overall health and wellness!

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