How To Prevent Your Home From Becoming A Dust Mite City!

How To Prevent Your Home From Becoming A Dust Mite City Feeding Ground!

The absolute most reactive and common environmental allergen is due to an over abundance of dust mite colonies in your home! They don't call them dust mites for nothing! The heavier the amount of accumulated dust is in your home the worse the dust mite problem will be and so will the allergic reactions that go hand and hand with them to often make people chronically ill and miserable!

The dust mites live and thrive in regular everyday household dust and the reason they do so well while living in that dust is because house dust consists of up to 85 percent human skin flakes, hair and pet dander which happens to be the dust mites main diet to survive and increase their numbers in your home. Average house hold dust can hold up to 2,000 live dust mites in only 1 single ounce of dust. This Is Amazing But Its True!

The clinical names for the highly reactive dust mite allergens are Tropomyosin and DERp2

Also its important to know that the live dust mites is not the reactive allergen! The allergen is from the dust mite feces (Their Poop) and their shells after they die! However there are a small number of steps to take to lower their numbers thus reducing the amount of reactive dust mite allergen in your home.

Important Steps To Greatly Reduce The Dust Mite Allergen In Your Home

  • Reduce the humidity to a level lower than 50% in your home by better controlling it with a humidistat hooked into your A/C system or utilize a de-humidifier for your home. Portable dehumidifiers work OK but whole house ones work much better and are easier to control.

  • Diligently clean dust mite hiding areas that are rich with dead skin and pet dander for dust mites to live, hide and feed in!

  • These hiding areas include your furniture and your bedding. Easy to vacuum non porous leather or fake leather chair and couches are far better and easier to keep clean of dust and allergens that include dust mite allergen compared to cloth types of fabric furniture where they can dig into while waiting for more food to come to them.

  • Wash your sheets, pillow cases and blankets in hot water at least twice a week and cover your beds mattress and box spring with mattress and box springs encasings. Wash the mattress encasings once a month or so and wash your box springs encasings once every 4-6 months.

  • The next step IF POSSIBLE if you have carpeting in your home is to remove and replace it with ceramic tile, wood or laminate flooring! Tile is the best choice because it improves your homes value and it does not outgas chemicals into your indoor air to breathe and react to. Also carpeting can hold 8 times its weight in dead skin contaminated dust and you can't even see it! So be aware that carpeting is a major breeding ground for dust mites and the reactive allergens that they produce!

The Three Most Important Dust Mite Allergen Control Products To Own

  • A quality 100 percent sealed against leakage HEPA air purifier with the highest air exchange rate per hour can make a huge difference in catching and removing the extremely light dust mite feces and dead shells that when moved can stay suspended in the air for a long enough time to breathe and react to. We feel that the (Made In Canada) Airpura R700 HEPA air purifier does the best job for catching and removing the airborne dust mite allergen from your homes indoor air environment. If you also desire to protect your home indoor air from airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores we recommend the Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier that includes a powerful non ozone producing UV Ultraviolet light system that will easily destroy these biological contaminants. Place one of these HEPA air purifiers into each needed bedroom and one into the family room or den with people hang out the most, This way people can walk from one allergy clean room to another!

  • Owning and vacuuming with a top quality 100 percent sealed against leakage HEPA vacuum cleaner is a must have tool to clean and remove huge amounts of dust that includes dust mite allergen from your homes present carpeting, hard surface floors and furniture! We only recommend the powerful (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner that is 100 percent sealed against leakage from around the HEPA filter and the units case so absolutely zero dust mite allergen will escape from it while you are vacuuming. The Air Storm Plus is sealed so well you will never have to dust your home after vacuuming again! We recomend to be diligent about vacuuming the home 2- 3 times per week for noticeable positive results!

  • Upgrade and replace your existing low efficiency A/C air filter with a LIFETIME 90 percent efficient washable self charging electrostatic A/C air filter! These A/C air filters far more efficient and almost non air restrictive while being custom made to size to replace your existing A/C air filter in the same place it is now installed in. The Absolute A/C air filter is a great inexpensive investment that will most likely outlast your A/C system while keeping it clean and free from airborne dust and allergens by filtering out and removing the dust and allergens before they can enter into your A/C system to contaminate it to then flow into and through your entire home while also supplying the main food source and a good environment for dust mites to breed and multiply in.

It is our hope and desire that his report on dust mite allergen has been a help for you and your family to enjoy a much more dust and dust mite allergen free indoor environment for your home! Please know that these exact same steps will also work incredibly well to remove the triggers of the reactive pet dander from your beloved dog, cat or bird if you are allergic to them. Through the years we have helped thousands of people with pet allergies live in harmony with their pets by following these steps with these exact allergy control products for greatly increased health, wellness and happiness!

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