Most Important Tools For Indoor Dust, Allergy And Asthma Control

How To Prevent Dust, Allergy & Asthma Triggers In Your Home

The absolute best way to avoid the triggers of environmental indoor allergens for the most effective dust, allergy and asthma control in your home is to arm yourself with the 3 proper tools to do this important job in 3 easy steps!

These tools must all be of actual high quality! If you truly desire to do the best job of removing the dust and allergens in your home STAY AWAY FROM THE LOW QUALITY CHINESE MADE PRODUCTS FOUND IN BIG BOX DEPARTMENT STORES AND ONLINE THAT INCLUDE WALMART, HOME DEPOT, LOWES AND ON AMAZON!

The 3 Most Important Tools For Indoor Dust, Allergy And Asthma Control

The first Important dust and allergy control tool includes 100 percent sealed against leakage HEPA room air purifiers that include multible pounds of activated carbon to remove outgassing chemicals and odors. These units need to be placed in any needed bedroom, the family room and if you work from home, in your home office. A top quality HEPA air purifier will provide a high enough air exchange rate per hour to quickly remove the airborne dust, allergens, outgassing chemicals and odors in your home.

However to cover all of the bases to remove all of the dust, allergy and asthma triggers the HEPA air purifier should also include a non ozone producing ultraviolet light system that includes a UV dosage that is strong enough to also destroy all airborne biological contaminants that include viruses, bacteria and mold spores that can cause major health problems while also damaging your home! We Recommend The (Made In Canada) Airpura UV700 HEPA Air Purifier Above All Others!

 Next you will need a powerful 100 percent sealed against leakage HEPA vacuum cleaner to keep the carpeting, hard surface floors and furniture clean of dust and allergens. Diligent vacuuming with a sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner is a major factor in keeping the dust and allergens out of your home and into the garbage can! We Recommend The (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Above All Others

 The next important tool to keep your entire A/C system and home clean and dust and allergen free, we recommend that you utilize a Lifetime 90 percent efficient self charging electrostatic A/C air filter that is washable and custom made to size to replace your inefficient existing 1" deep filter in the same space it now sits in! We Recommend The (Made In The USA) Absolute Lifetime Self-Charging Electrostatic A/C Air Filter Above All Others

 When these tools are all used together they will make a huge difference in keeping your home extremely clean and free of the triggers that cause the miserable symptoms of environmental allergies, asthma and COPD for true and long lasting dust and allergy control that includes the removal of highly reactive dust mite and pet allergens in your homes indoor environment.

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