Best Plan To Create A Healthy Home And Family

Best Plan To Create A Healthy Home And Family

Creating a healthy home is one of the most important things you can do to for yourself and your family! Its best to start off with a simple plan of steps to follow with solid goals set into place. When these goals are accomplished you and your family will see and feel the benefits of living in a truly healthy home!

Proper Levels Of Humidity Is The Key To Indoor Air Comfort And Health

Did you know that the primary function of an air conditioning system to to pull remove and lower the level of humidity in your home? Yes! Its True! The side benefit of an A/C system is to cool the home to your desired temperature! The goal for a proper air conditioning system is to enjoy a indoor comfort level of humidity between 45-50 percent!

 No matter how cool you make your home if the humidity is too high you will feel cold, clammy and uncomfortable! A more accurate way of controlling the humidity in your home is to replace your A/C temperature control thermostat for a humidistat that turns on your A/C system according to the humidity level you set it for!  If you can't get the humidity in your home below 50% you should call  a knowledgeable air-conditioning company to check your A/C system out.

 If the A/C service man is smart and knows his business he should attempt to lower the humidity in your home by slowing down the blower motor in your air handler unit or package unit. Slowing down the blower motor allows the system to pull out higher amounts of humidity. If slowing down the blower motor does not bring down the humidity below 50% is most likely because your air conditioning system is to large for your home. If this is the case you purchase a dehumidifier for your home. Portable units work ok but a whole house dehumidifier will work far better!

 The alternative is to upgrade your A/C system that is properly matched (Sized) to the under air living space of your home. To keep an accurate eye on your homes relative humidity and temperature you can purchase an accurate digital hygrometer and temperature gauge for very little money that are available on Amazon .com or at many big box stores.

 Upgrade Your Inefficient A/C Air Filter To Keep Your Air conditioning System Clean And Your Home More Dust And Allergen Free

Do you know that those cheap cardboard framed A/C air filters with fiberglass in them are only 3-5 percent efficient? Its the truth and 95% of the dust and allergens pass right through them to contaminate your entire A/C system and home with dust and allergens and after the dust covers the evaporator coil in your air handler unit mold will grow throughout the coil! This in turn will restrict airflow from coming through evaporator coil and into your home to increase the time it will take to cool your home down and  when this happens your electric bill will increase as well! Also the moldy evaporator coil will blow mold spores throughout your A/C system, duct work and into every room to contaminate your entire home!

 This very unhealthy contamination of dust, allergens and mold spores can be easily avoided with the very small investment of upgrading to a more efficient A/C air filter and there are a few choices. Two of these choices are bad and not good choices!  We will explain why they are bad choices while providing you with the best A/C air filter choice.

Bad A/C Air Filter Choice#1----Whole House Air Cleaning Systems. These whole house systems are often pushed by A/C companies and they are extremely expensive of between 1-3 thousands of dollars and sometimes more! The problem is that they are only 30% efficient at best due to the simple fact that the dirty air is to heavy to be able to be pulled throughout the home or through closed doors to clean the dirty air! These systems are a rip off and the replacement filters and pre-filters are very expensive and an ongoing cost factor to your budget.

Bad A/C Air Filter Choice#2----Pleated A/C air filters. Most people that have decided to upgrade their A/C air filters run down to Home Depot, LOWES, or Ace Hardware to purchase a more efficient pleated A/C air filter. The 3M Filtrete brand is what most people purchase and they often choose the premium allergen models that can cost over $100.00 per year! The problem is not just the high cost of the filters, The bigger problem is that they create a restriction of air flow going into your A/C system because of its MERV efficiency rating of 13 which is so efficient and the air flow is so restrictive it can put a strain on the A/C system to damage it and reduce its service life while also increasing your electric bill because  the A/C system will take longer to cool down your home!

BEST A/C AIR FILTER CHOICE#3----A LIFETIME washable, custom made to size self charging electrostatic A/C air filter is the best choice and the Absolute electrostatic A/C air filter is the best brand on the market! This is because the Absolute LIFETIME A/C air filter is 90% efficient to clean the air of dust and allergens including dust mite allergen and pet dander while protecting your entire A/C system and home from contamination while also having a perfect non-air restriction MERV 6 rating to keep your A/C system running efficiently with far less problems including much less of a chance of dust, allergen and mold contamination to trigger future repair bills while keeping your home much more dust and allergen free and your electric bill as low as possible because your home will be able to cool down faster.

 Place High Quality HEPA Air Purifiers That Are 100% Sealed Against Leakage Into Needed Rooms For Extra Dust And Allergy Control

Dust and allergens enter into your home to contaminate it from many different sources that include from open windows and doors, on your shoes and clothing, from dust and allergens from your pet(s) that include their shedding fur or feathers if you have birds, If you do not have high quality A/C air filters to protect your A/C system and ductwork a large amount of dust, allergens and mold spores will blow into your home to cause allergy, asthma and other immune system problems. Also if you have a poor quality unsealed vacuum cleaner, it will spew dust, dust mite allergen, pet allergens and other reactive allergens into the air to breathe and react to.

This is when it is a good idea to place a high quality HEPA air purifier with a high air exchange rate per hour into any room or open area to catch and remove these reactive airborne allergens.

 Most people run out to the local big box store or to Amazon to purchase their air purifier(s) however these units are always made in China and are of poor quality because their ability to actually clean the indoor air is very limited by having a very low air exchange rate per hour even in small bedrooms, inadequate amounts of activated carbon to absorb and remove odors and outgassing chemicals and because they are leaky and not properly sealed from around the filters and the unit case itself.

 Almost all big box store and amazon purchased air purifiers , including HEPA air purifiers do not include a proper UV ultraviolet light system at all or if they do have the rare UV light system the UV lamps are inadequate because they do not have a high enough dosage capable of destroying any amount of airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores! These Chinese made units are almost worthless and they are all show with loads of deceptive advertising and a no go for effective cleaning of the indoor air!

 The absolute best brand of HEPA air purifiers on the market are made by a company in Canada called Airpura. They manufacture both non UV units and two units we feel is the best on the market that is called the Airpura UV700 and the P700 HEPA air purifiers that include non ozone producing high quality medical grade UV ultraviolet light systems that are able to remove large amounts of airborne dust and allergens out of the indoor air with a very high air exchange rate per hour while its UV light system while also completely destroying biological contaminants that includes airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores that enter into these units!

 The UV700 also contains a full 18 pounds of activated carbon that is able to absorb and remove airborne odors and outgassing chemicals that release from carpeting, furniture, paints, stains and other sources for up to two years before the 18 pounds of activated carbon will need to be replaced at a reasonable cost.

 The powerful Airpura UV 700 HEPA air purifier is also extremely quiet and perfect for people that are noise intolerant so they can sleep undisturbed at night! It is best to place one UV700 unit into any bedroom that people with allergies, asthma or immune system problems sleep in. Another unit should be paced into the family room or into any room where people hang out together when they are not in their bedroom(s).

 One Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier will clean the indoor air in open areas up to 2,000 square feet and they will clean the air while producing 13-15 air exchanges per hour in an average size bedroom space. This is more then twice the air exchange rate per hour compared to other  HEPA air purifiers being sold on the market that are considered to be of higher quality.

Make Sure That Your Vacuum Cleaner Is HEPA Filtered, Powerful, 100% Sealed Against Leakage And Not A Vacuum Contaminator

It takes a small number of important steps to enjoy the lasting benefits of living in a healthy home. One of the absolute most important steps is owning and utilizing a 100% sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner to keep a truly healthy home and the (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is the best on the market and its has been keeping homes and the people living in them extremely healthy since 1989.  First it's important to know that that the great majority of HEPA vacuum cleaners on the market are not properly sealed at both the filters and the case! This cause's them to spew reactive dust and allergens back into the indoor air environment while vacuuming! If you have to dust your home after vacuuming its leaking dust and allergens into the air while you are vacuuming because it is poorly sealed! 

 WANT MORE PROOF? Testing the vacuum cleaner you now own for leakage is fast and easy! Simply place your vacuum cleaner into a beam of sunlight coming through a window in your home and turn it on! If your vacuum cleaner is a leaker you will see thousands of the finest, most reactive dust and allergens spewing into the air of your home to breathe and react to.

Here are the reasons why the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is the best above all others for cleaning and maintaining a truly healthy home!  The Air Storm Plus is 100 Percent sealed against any and all leakage of dust and allergens into the air while vacuuming. Its a fact that it is sealed so well you can legally do asbestos and lead abatement with it as well as mold remediation.

 You Will Never Have To Dust Your Home Again After Vacuuming With The Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner!

The unique design of having absolutely zero back pressure on the motor, the Air Storm Plus will allow you to fill the dust collector bag to the very top without losing any power, suction or cleaning ability! This is because the airflow that carries the dust and allergens into the vacuum cleaner travels over top of the motor to then be diverted into the the units tank where the dust collector bag is located. This is also the reason the Air Storm Plus has a operational service life with every day use of over 35 years to keep all of the surfaces in your home extremely clean while staying dust and allergen free!

                                                    Final Conclusion

If is our hope and desire that this article has been informative and helpful for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of living in a truly healthy home!

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