Restoration companies have used ozone machines for many years to remove smoke odors including odors from cigar smoke and cigarette smoke. Ozone machines also get rid of body odors, musty odors and they kill active mold/mildew spores due to fires and floods Ozone machines are also called ozone generators and the more powerful commercial and industrial units are often called ozone blasters.

There are many different ozone machines on the market and they all produce different levels of ozone. There are two different ways to produce ozone. The first way is with charged ultraviolet light bulbs that outgas ozone when they are energized. Blower motors in the machine blow the ozone into the desired treatment area. The second way to produce ozone is with resin ozone plates covered with a conductive metal screen material that is electrically charged.

The oxygen in the air is pulled over the electrically charged ozone plates to split the oxygen (O2) turning the charged oxygen into ozone known as O3. The freshly produced ozone is then blown into the desired treatment area to remove the odors and kill any mold and mildew.

Both types of ozone machines have controls to adjust the ozone output, the control knobs can be adjusted to rise or lower the voltage to create the desired amount of ozone.

We feel that the charged ozone plate method is the best way to produce ozone. This is because the ozone plates are easy to keep clean and much less costly to replace then ozone producing ultraviolet bulbs (UV) if worn out or broken.

Most commercial/industrial ozone machines include timers that can be set to operate from minutes to hours and then turn off at the end of the desired treatment time. Most timers also include a setting that allows the machine to also operate in a locked continuous run position for extremely contaminated jobs that require treatment periods that could go on for days at a time.
The majority of ozone machines are coming into the United States from China! Stay away from Chinese made ozone machines! They may work for a while but most of these units do not last long and when they do break down it is very hard to find the parts and people to repair them!

The Ozone Machine We Recommend

We have found a great ozone machine that is Made In The USA! It is called the Extreme Ozone Blaster and we have been selling it with great success! This powerful ozone machine is adjustable from 200 to a full 4000 milligrams of ozone production per hour and it can be used to remove smoke odors and any other organic odor in areas up to 6000 square feet in size. The Extreme Ozone Blaster machine can kill active mold and mildew in areas up to 1000 square feet! This unit also has a timer and for difficult jobs it can be set to run continuously for days at a time. If a larger ozone machine is required we can provide whatever you need!

Business’s that purchase our Ozone Blaster machine include fire and flood restoration companies, auto detail and used car dealerships, boat repair / restoration company’s, real estate sales agents and motel / hotel managers in charge of keeping the rooms free of smoke odors, pet odors and body odors.

Sometimes we receive calls from people that want to rent our ozone machines. Because of the high price of renting ozone machine we advise these people to purchase one of their own, as it will pay for itself after only a few days of rental time.

We hope that this report has been a help to you! For more information on ozone machines and ozone blasters please see the website at or for Immediate personal service and advice call Barry Cohen the company owner at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324

NOTE: In California Ozone Machines Can Only Be Sold To Contractors For Commercial Use