Mold infestation problems that include toxic molds have been on the rise due to ageing homes and building. Medical evidence has proven that molds can enter the blood stream through your lungs to cause many different kinds of immune dysfunctions. Mold remediation must be done FAST to stop the mold from spreading in order to avoid a much bigger problem!

Choosing the best HEPA vacuum cleaner with the proper tools that conform with the EPA mold remediation guidelines is very important so you can do your mold remediation / abatement jobs without problems while avoiding fines if you are found to be doing these mold remediation jobs without the required equipment and procedures.
There are many HEPA vacuum cleaner brands and models on the market to choose from. The most well known brands on the market are manufactured by NIKRO, Pullman Holt and Nilfisk.

NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Are Your Best Choice For Many Reasons

These Reasons Are:
NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners are without question the best HEPA vacuum cleaners on the market and have been for many years. This is because of their powerful and proven USA Based AMETEK LAMB motors, total HEPA filtration system and their soft but sturdy poly hazardous waste tanks that will not dent or damage interior walls and any furniture that they may come in contact with when doing mold remediation or other types of abatement jobs!

NIKRO has been in business since 1987 and as a top NIKRO dealer we know that they always provide FAST & excellent customer service! The NIKRO factory and their HEPA vacuum cleaners are Made In The USA so you can feel good supporting these American made HEPA vacuum cleaners! It’s Important! This Made In The USA advantage also allows you to get quick service when purchasing your HEPA vacuum cleaner(s) or when getting needed replacement parts that include pre-filters, HEPA filters, extra vacuum hose, vacuum tools and heavy duty 4 mil thick poly hazardous waste containment bags.

My name is Barry Cohen and my business Absolute Environmental Cleaning Systems also doing business as has been a NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaner operator and dealer since 1989!

Through the many years since 1989 I have tried many different types and brands of HEPA vacuum cleaners for my company’s source removal commercial mold and air duct cleaning division and honestly only our NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners could stand up to the long hard operating hours while cleaning thousands of pounds of dirt mold and debris cleaning inside walls, under floors, attics, thousands of air handlers and miles of ductwork in large commercial buildings!

Many commercial jobs had our NIKRO PW15110 15 gallon Wet/Dry HEPA vacuum cleaners running without failure for 8-10 hours a day or night for 8-10 months at a time!
No other brand of HEPA vacuum cleaner could stand up to the workload required to get these jobs completed without downtime due to HEPA vacuum cleaner over heating and breakdowns!

That’s why we choose to operate, represent and sell ONLY NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners to our valued commercial and industrial customers doing EPA compliant mold remediation RRP lead paint removal and asbestos abatement.

Best Choice NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Model For Doing EPA Compliant Mold Remediation

For years we have been hammered with multiple sales of our NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners! Some customers first try to save money by requesting the lower powered, less expensive dry backpack vacuum cleaners or the smaller less powerful HEPA vacuum cleaners units that NIKRO also offers.

We try to steer people away from the lower powered dry backpack HEPA vacuum cleaners for mold remediation because they are bulky when wearing them in rooms with furniture and dangerous when climbing ladders as they can put the operator off balance.

Also since backpack HEPA vacuum cleaners are dry vacuum cleaners with paper containment bags in them any wetness caused by the damp mold can wear through a paper containment bag that is made only for dry debris. This can cause a dangerous re-contamination problem in the work areas and it can also damage the vacuum cleaners motor that needs to stay absolutely dry.

When working high on a ladder or scaffold It is much safer to remove mold with a NIKRO PW15110 15 gallon canister HEPA Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner sitting on the ground that includes an extra section or two of hose to reach your working area. All you need to handle is the vacuum hose and desired tools!

We also suggest that our customers stay away from the lower powered canister HEPA vacuum cleaners that do not include an easy to maneuver push cart with heavy duty wheels for rolling over construction debris, grass and any thick carpeting often encountered jobsites.

What we do recommend Is The Top Quality And Extremely Powerful PW15110 15 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner!

Here’s Why!

• The NIKRO PW15110 15 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner includes a very powerful motor made by a USA Based Company in Philadelphia Pennsylvania called AMETEK-LAMB that is known as the top vacuum cleaner motor in the world for cool and continuous operation without failure! This HEPA vacuum cleaner is so powerful you can run two separate vacuum hoses into it with a Y connecter to clean two different areas at the same time!

• The NIKRO PW15110 HEPA vacuum cleaner gives you the choice to clean with sturdy lightweight metal or non-metallic tool kits. These tool kits include a sturdy 10- foot section of 1 ½ inch diameter vacuum hose. 54” wand, 14” floor tool, 14” squeegee tool, 3” round dust brush and an 11” crevice tool. Extra 10-foot hose sections are available for approximately $50.00 per section.
• The NIKRO PW15110 includes a sturdy high capacity 15-gallon poly tank that is designed to flex and bend in if it hits a wall or piece of furniture to avoid any damage. Any compression to the poly tank will pop right out in seconds after the hit.
• The entire NIKRO PW15110 HEPA vacuum cleaner fits onto a sturdy easy to maneuver metal cart. This cart includes high quality larger wheels in the back and heavy-duty caster wheels in the front to allow you to easily push or pull this HEPA vac through doorways and around furniture on thick carpeting. This cart system will also allow you to easily move this HEPA vacuum cleaner on grass or gravel when working on an outside job.
• The NIKRO PW15110 is 100 percent HEPA filtered and totally sealed to avoid any hazardous dusts from leaking back into the indoor environment at anytime. Its long lasting five stage HEPA filtration system is unequalled and plenty of extra replacement pre-filters are provided and included with each unit! Note that replacement filters are very inexpensive. The HEPA filter will last up to 850 hours before it needs to be replaced for a cost of approximately $185.00
• Mold accumulates fast in the remediation process! The NIKRO PW15110 HEPA vacuum cleaners will allow you to place heavy duty 4 MIL hazardous waste poly bags directly into it’s 15 gallon tank to collect many pounds of mold, lead paint, asbestos and many other types of hazardous debris even if its damp or soaking wet! Just pull the poly bag out of the tank when full. Tie the poly bag closed and bring it to the dump for fast and easy disposal.

NOTE: Other brands of HEPA vacuum cleaners force you to contain moldy debris into flimsy paper bags or directly into its tank only to have to re-bag the debris into separate poly hazardous waste bags. This is time consuming and allows for the chance of recontamination to occur.

Please Note: NIKRO recently came out with an economy line of HEPA vacuum cleaners called the LV series! The LV HEPA vacuum cleaners are a bit less expensive as they have less filtration; they also utilize a less expensive made in China motor and are missing features that with 25 years of experience I feel is important to have in a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner to always be able to do the best mold remediation job.

We truly feel that the NIKRO PW15110 15 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA vacuum cleaner is your best all around choice in doing proper EPA mold remediation as well as lead paint removal, lead abatement and asbestos abatement.

We hope that this report has been a help to you in your quest to purchase the best quality HEPA vacuum cleaner that will comply with the EPA mold remediation Rules & Regulations when dealing with different types of molds and toxic molds

For more information on HEPA vacuum cleaners that will best comply to EPA mold remediation requirements as well as for asbestos abatement and lead abatement, please visit our website at or for a free consultation call Barry Cohen the owner at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324