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The ozone ionizer air purifier is one type of air purifier on the market that is best for quickly removing cigar smoke, cigarette smoke and organic odors in the indoor environments of homes and businesses. This comprehensive report will explain how ozone ionizer air purifier’s work, operate and how they need to be maintained.

Ozone Ionizer Air Purifiers

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Ozone ionizer air purifiers are the best and the most efficient way to quickly remove cigar and cigarette smoke and odors from the indoor air environment also known as (IAQ). Ozone ionizer air purifiers are extremely quiet and very small in size at approximately 12 inches high by 10 inches wide and 8 inches deep. They look like small stereo speakers that come in different wood grains and colors that will best match the furniture in your home or office. This small footprint allows these air purifier units to barely be noticeable when operating even in very small spaces.

These small but powerful ozone ionizer air purifiers utilize two different technologies for them to quickly clear the air of the smoke and odors produced by cigars and cigarettes. People use these same air purifiers in small bedroom sized areas as well as in larger areas up to 3000 square feet.

The first technology used is negative ionization. Negative ions work by attaching themselves by the millions to the floating cigar and cigarette smoke that is floating in the air. As the amount of negative ions increase as they attract onto the cigar and cigarette smoke particles they add weight to the smoke particles themselves forcing them to quickly drop out of the floating suspension in the indoor air. This action can clear a large room that is filled with cigar and cigarette smoke by multiple smokers in as little time as a few minutes and keep the smoking area clear until the smoking has stopped.

There are two different methods ozone ionizer air purifiers produce negative ions. The first way to produce negative ions to knock floating smoke out of the air is by DC needlepoint generation. Needlepoint ionizers include a steel needle or needles that are electronically charged with high voltage to the point of causing millions of negative ions to flood off of the needle’s tip to be blown into and across the smoky room by the quiet blower motor also included in the air purifier. These millions of negative ions immediately attach to the smoke to quickly drop the floating smoke out of suspension and to the ground to be vacuumed as needed.

The second way to produce negative ions is with a radio wave ion generator running at a frequency of 16 Kilohertz. Radio wave ion generators can produce between 3,000 and 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter with an ionization radius of up to 20 meters. Radio ionizers can pass through doors and walls to help knock down cigar and cigarette smoke in adjacent rooms to where the ozone ionizer air purifier is operating. Radio ionizer air purifiers sometimes use both needlepoint and radio ionizers to optimize the effectiveness to quickly clear smoking areas of both cigar smoke and cigarette smoke!

The ozone ionizer air purifier units with the combination ionizers knock cigar and cigarette smoke down extremely well for people living in apartments and condo buildings with adjacent neighbors that smoke because they can drop the smoker’s cigar or cigarette smoke before it can create second hand smoke contamination in the surrounding neighbors apartments!

The Second Technology For Ozone Ionizer Air Purifiers Is Its Smoke Odor & Organic Odor Destroying Adjustable Ozone Production!

Natural ozone is produced in nature by lighting bolts splitting through the Oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere. As the electrical current from the lightning bolt cuts through the Oxygen it splits the molecular structure of the Oxygen transforming the electrically charged Oxygen into ozone (O3), also called activated Oxygen. Ozone is that fresh odor we smell after a thunderstorm or rainstorm. Ozone is also an oxidizer and it helps to reduce organic odors, bacteria, mold growth and viruses on the planet to help keep a balance in nature. Upper atmospheric ozone protects life and blocks large amounts of harmful skin cancer producing ultraviolet (UV) light rays from the sun from reaching the earth that could cause burning catastrophic events if the ozone were to become depleted. However in ozone ionizer air purifiers the primary reason to use these incredible machines is to destroy cigar and cigarette odors, pet odors, musty odors, food odors and body odors.

The Oxygen split into ozone produced by ozone ionizer air purifiers work the same way as an electrical lightning charge creates ozone from the Oxygen in the atmosphere, except in ozone ionizer air purifiers the ozone is created by safely moving the Oxygen in the air through an electrical current that runs through and over an electrically charged ceramic plate which is also known as an ozone plate. The current going through the ozone plate is adjustable so the amount of ozone can be controlled to safely remove cigar smoke and cigarette smoke is different size spaces. Ozone ionizer air purifiers also have adjustable fan speeds so the ozone produced can be blown across the desired areas to be treated for cigar, cigarette smoke and organic odor control and removal.

How To Properly Set Up, Operate And Adjust Ozone Ionizer Air Purifiers

NOTE: It Is Very Important To Read & Follow These Instructions In Order To Avoid Problems Caused By Having The Ozone Level Turned Up To High!

The main components in an ozone ionizer air purifier will include one or two ceramic ozone plates depending on the make and model, the pleated tar and nicotine HEPA air filter and sometimes a metal grill filter that some factories include in the box as a back up to the pleated tar and nicotine HEPA air filter.

NOTE that some models of ozone ionizer air purifiers will take one ceramic ozone plate and some models with take two ceramic ozone plates. When you look into the back of the air purifier you will see a set of two metal tabs. Slide the ceramic ozone plate in between the metal tab so that the metal tab is touching the center of the ceramic ozone plate. (If your air purifier requires two ceramic plates just repeat the ceramic ozone plate installation for the second set of metal tabs).

Next take your pleated tar and nicotine HEPA filter and install it into the back of the air purifier unit. NOTE that the tar and nicotine HEPA filter is to protect the inside electronic components of the machine from becoming gunked up with tar and nicotine.

NOTE: Most ozone ionizer air purifiers have a small safety switch on the bottom of where the filter installs to prevent the machine from turning on when the filter is removed.

Install the tar and nicotine HEPA filter into the back of the air purifier and turn the unit on. If the machine does not turn on its most likely because the filter was installed upside down or backwards which will prevent the filter from properly triggering the safety switch and allowing the air purifier to turn on!

Once the tar and nicotine pleated HEPA filter is installed properly and the unit turns on. place the air purifier unit approximately 7 or 8 feet high on a bookshelf, cabinet or brackets with the front of the air purifier aiming into the room where the cigar or cigarette smoking or organic odor is coming from.

The ozone adjustment knob will have numbered markers around it so you can set the ozone level to match the square footage of the room where the unit is operating in.

NOTE: Even though you can adjust the ozone level to the square footage of the room you must also use your sense of smell to tune the ozone level in so its not turned up too high. Adjusting the ozone level properly may take a few hours or longer. Adjust the ozone level so when you walk into the room that the air purifier is operating in you just barely smell the fresh after a thunderstorm smell of the ozone. You should acclimate to the smell of the ozone so you can no longer smell the ozone after being in the room for about two minutes. If after being in the room for two minutes and you can still sense the fresh smell of the ozone, turn down the ozone level until you can no longer sense the ozone smell after being in the room with the adjusted ozone level after approximately two minutes. This is the correct way to adjust your unit in occupied spaces and it will do an incredible job of removing the odors in the room. Remember more ozone is not better and if the ozone is turned up too high it can temporarily dry out the mucus membranes in your eyes, nose and throat.

The negative ionizer component in these air purifiers is always turned on and operating to quickly drop cigar and cigarette smoke from the floating air environment in the room. Adjust the fan speed knob so both the negative ions and the ozone is easily being blown across the room where cigar and cigarette smoking is taking place.

After the ozone ionizer air purifier is set up properly you will be amazed that even with multiple smokers in the room you will not ever again see that huge cloud of smoke floating in the air while people are smoking. And when you walk into the smoking area the next day the stale smell of the smoke will be gone or majorly reduced.

Maintaining Your Ozone Ionizer Air Purifier

Once every three months remove clean the ceramic ozone plate(s) with a solution of 50/50 household ammonia, water and a tooth brush. Allow the ozone plate(s) to dry and then reinstall into the air purifier.
If you crack a ceramic ozone plate, the plate must be replaced with a new one. New ceramic ozone plates cost approximately $15.00 each and they can last for many years of service.

Replace the tar and nicotine HEPA air filter when the filter is brown and gunked up with cigar and cigarette smoke tar and nicotine on the back intake side of the filter. Replacement tar and nicotine HEPA filters cost approximately $55.00 each.

Other Options To Remove Cigar And Cigarette Smoke And Odors

HEPA Air Purifiers–Some people with asthma and other respiratory problems being affected by second hand smoke may choose to utilize quality HEPA Air Purifiers or HEPA air cleaners. If using a HEPA air purifier for removing second hand cigar smoke and odors or cigarette smoke and odors make sure that the units include a special tar and nicotine filter and multiple pounds of activated carbon to remove the odors and chemicals that outgas from cigar and cigarette smoke.

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Commercial Smoke Eaters Also Known As Electrostatic Precipitators
Commercial Smoke Eaters are often used in bars, restaurants and bowling alleys with large open spaces and high ceilings to remove cigar and cigarette smoke and odors. Smoke Eaters can be hung from ceiling beams to the desired level above the smoking area, They can be installed on the side of a wall just under a hard plaster ceiling or they can be flush mounted into the exact space of a ceiling tile for concealment in drop ceilings. Smoke eaters have electronically charged metal cells that attract the smoke onto the metal surface of the cells to remove the cigar and cigarette smoke from the indoor environment. These metal cells can be removed from the case of the smoke eater to be sprayed down with a chemical degreaser and then hosed off to remove the smoke, tar and nicotine from the cell. After the electronic cell is dry they can then be replaced into the case of the smoke eater to be used again and again. A replaceable carbon pre-filter is placed in front of the electronic cells to remove cigar and cigarette smoke and odors. The pre-filter also slows down the frequency that the cells need to be washed and cleaned of accumulated cigar and cigarette smoke, tar and nicotine.

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We hope that this report on air purifiers for quickly removing cigar and cigarette smoke and odors has been informative and helpful to you. For more information see the website at or for a Free Evaluation to help you with your cigar and cigarette smoke and odor control/removal needs call Barry Cohen the owner directly at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324