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The Best Air Purifier For Controlling Bird Dander Dust

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(The information in this report is also recommended for cat dander, dog dander and all other pet dander)

Are you allergic to your pet Parrot, Macaw, Cockatoo, Cockatiel or other breed of bird? Did you know that over 3.1 percent of all housholds in the United States share their lives and living space with almost 9 million pet birds! Yes It’s a fact and this report is to help those who love their pet birds and desire to live with them as comfortably, happy and allergy free as possible!

Bird dander, also called bird dust or bird powder, is made by birds to protect their feathers. However bird dander dust can be very reactive to people with allergies, asthma, COPD and other respiratory problems. Like dust mite allergen and other pet allergens, for birds it is the keratin protein in the bird feather dander dust that is reactive to both people and other pets living in the home. Uncontrolled bird dander dust can be very dangerous to people with allergies and lung problems due to the reactive protein in the bird dander.

It is very important to utilize a high quality sealed HEPA air purifier(s) or HEPA air cleaner(s) and HEPA vacuum cleaner in order to control the bird dander dust in the home, breeding facility or store where birds are sold. Your best choice will be a quality HEPA air purifier with a non-ozone producing ultraviolet (UV) light system included in it will also help to protect your beloved birds from the viruses, bacteria and mold spores that they are very sensitive to and can make them sick!

There are lung diseases directly related to chronic exposure to bird dander. They are called Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and Extrinsic Alveolitis. The terminology for these diseases in the avian bird culture is called pigeon breeder’s lung, bird breeder’s lung and bird fanciers lung. These diseases that effect the birds, bird owners and breeders can be debilitating if not controlled by keeping an extremely clean indoor living environment.

Types of birds with the most reactive dander dust include Parrots, Cockatoos, Macaws, African Gray’s, Conjures, Cockatiels and Parakeets. These are often called powder or powder down birds because they create so much dust!

When people start to suffer from bird dander dust they often run out to the department store and purchase inadequate Chinese made air purifiers, air cleaners and vacuum cleaners that do not do the proper job of removing and controlling their bird dander dust problems! This is because the inexpensive low quality air purifiers, air cleaners and HEPA vacuum cleaners are NOT powerful enough or sealed properly to do the job of cleaning and containing bird dander and powder dust. Most store bought HEPA air-cleaning devices and HEPA vacuum cleaners are not properly sealed and they SPEW a good amount of bird dander dust and allergens around their inadequately sealed HEPA filters and through gaps in the machines unsealed case to blow right back into your indoor air environment!

Also store bought air purifiers have very little air exchange rate per hour! Most big box department store bought Chinese HEPA air cleaners or air purifiers can only exchange the air in a small bedroom space about 3-4 times per hour. Most ionic air purifiers have absolutely ZERO air exchange going through them and they can only pull particles onto their low power ionized collector plates from less then an 1/8 of an inch away! This is totally worthless and many of these ionic air purifiers produce ozone that can damage BOTH you and your bird’s lungs! Stay Away From Ionic Air Purifiers!

There is an easy way to test your present vacuum cleaner or air-cleaning device for dust leakage yourself! Just place your vacuum cleaner, air purifier or air cleaner into a beam of sunlight coming through the window while they are operating! Chances are that you will easily be able to see tens of thousands of small reactive particles blowing from these machines and right back into your indoor air for you to breathe and react to!

There are very few HEPA air purifiers, HEPA air cleaners and HEPA vacuum cleaners on the market good enough to remove and control the needed amount of bird dander, dust and allergens in your indoor air’s environment!


The Best HEPA Air Purifier For Bird Dander Dust
We have found that the powerful but quiet TRACS (MADE IN THE USA) HEPA air purifier with ultraviolet (UV) light system is by far the best air purifier on the market for removing bird dander dust from the floating air environment. The four speed TRACS HEPA filtered air purifier will pass a zero laser particle count test at 99.99 percent efficiency down to .03 microns of particle size allowing it to easily remove and contain bird dander dust from the air. The TRACS will also protect both your family and your bird’s health with its non-ozone producing ultraviolet (UV) light, which will kill any viruses, bacteria or mold spores in your family’s and bird’s living space up to 1000 square feet. The TRACS HEPA air purifier also includes pounds of activated coconut carbon and natural zeolite that will absorb and remove any chemical out gassing that may come from carpeting, paints, stains, many pesticides and home furnishings.

The Best Residential / Light Commercial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner For Bird Dander Dust

While the TRACS HEPA air purifier will do a wonderful job of removing bird dander dust from the air, the next important step that is very important and needed is to be able to vacuum any bird dander dust from the carpeting, floor, furniture and hard surfaces. The (MADE IN THE USA) Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner is without question the highest quality, powerful and 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market. Its unique tank design allows you to fill the Air Storm’s dust collector bags with up to 15 pounds of sand, dirt including bird dust and never lose suction or cleaning ability. The Air Storm also uses state of the art Venturi technology through openings in the tools that will double the air flow coming into the tank for amazing cleaning ability! The Air Storm is made from a sturdy lightweight composite (Like Kevlar) and only weighs 13 pounds. Its 35-foot cord will allow you to vacuum large areas without looking for electrical sockets to plug in too.

High Efficiency Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters (For Furnace And A/C Systems)

Another smart step you can take to help keep your living space clean of bird dander dust is to replace your low efficiency A/C and furnace filter(s) with a higher quality vacuum friendly and washable LIFETIME 80-90 percent efficiency self charging electrostatic air filter! These air filters create their own electrostatic charge able to clean and remove very small particles of dust and bird dander without any electrical hook ups and they last for many years!They are far superior to the low quality inefficient air filters found in big box stores and hardware stores that include Home Depot, Walmart and Lowes and they will stop a huge amount of bird dander dust and regular household dust from flowing through your air conditioning or heating system to be blown back into your living space to create even more dust to breathe in your indoor air environment!

If you utilize these few important indoor air quality improvement products your bird dander dust including all other types of household dust and pet dander problems will now be greatly reduced for a much cleaner home or business while providing you with the very best in dust, allergy and asthma control!

For more information on TRACS HEPA air purifiers, Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners and quality self charging electrostatic air filters see the website at or call the company direct for a free phone consultation with Barry Cohen the owner of the company. Call Toll Free 1-888-578-7324