My name is Barry Cohen I have been in the indoor air quality (IAQ) remediation industry while also selling high-quality specialized HEPA air cleaners for people with allergies, asthma, and immune dysfunctions since 1989. I own Absolute air cleaners and allergy products and I have been providing top-quality HEPA air cleaners with unbeatable service to my many online customers since 1994.

When choosing the best and proper HEPA air cleaner for dust, allergy, and asthma control it is very important to only choose air cleaners with sealed cases that also have a sealed HEPA filtration system that will remove house dust, allergens, and other airborne particles at a 99.97 or better percent of efficiency down to 0.3 microns in size.

Most quality HEPA filtered air cleaners will also contain pounds of activated carbon and zeolite blend in order to remove out-gassing chemicals in the indoor air that release from carpeting, glues, paint, pesticides, and other home furnishings. Air cleaners that allow you to replace their activated carbon filtration independently from the HEPA filter have an advantage over units that have all-inclusive drum filters in indoor environments that have long-lasting chemical out-gassing such as in newly constructed homes or office buildings.

For those that need or want the very best and top HEPA air cleaner on the market that will also kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores in your home or office area we recommend the Airpura UV600 HEPA air cleaner (Made In Canada) that is 99.97 percent efficient down to .3 microns of particle size. The UV600 is 100 percent sealed so absolutely zero dust and allergens can escape from this unit to re-contaminate your indoor air! In fact, the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier is sealed so well it will pass a zero laser particle count test at 99.97 percent of efficiency down to .3 microns of particle size. The UV600 also includes a top-quality medical-grade non-ozone-producing ultraviolet light system to destroy any viruses, bacteria, and mold spores that can contaminate your indoor air quality to produce a variety of health problems.

Airpura UV600 HEPA air cleaners will effectively clean the air in an open room or single space up to 1000 square feet in size. However the smaller the room is the higher the UV600 air exchange rate per hour and air cleaning performance will be! Hospitals place Airpura UV600 HEPA air cleaner units in patient’s rooms that are going through organ transplants, stem cell transplants and chemotherapy to protect them from viruses, bacteria and mold spores in the indoor air that could damage or further suppress their immune systems. Doctors and dentists offices use Airpura UV600 HEPA air cleaners in their waiting rooms and patient rooms for the same types of protection.

Many UV600 units are also sold to people that are just back home from the hospital and are still going through chemotherapy or continue to have weak immune systems that can’t take the risk of being exposed to viruses, bacteria and mold spores. We also sell many of these Airpura UV600 HEPA filtered air cleaners with ultraviolet light systems to people that have been exposed to and are reacting and suffering from dangerous bacteria and mold spores due to floods in homes and office spaces that are caused by poorly-insulated structures, roof leaks, water pipe breaks or floods after hurricanes or heavy rain storms.

There is now a huge surge in sales of UV600 HEPA ultraviolet (UV) air cleaners because of growing concerns over the highly contagious flu strains that continue to infiltrate into populations in the United States and around the world.

Please Note: The great majority of Airpura UV600 HEPA air cleaner units are used in everyday people’s bedrooms and family rooms to protect the homes two main living areas, keeping them both dust and allergy-free at the same time!

Because of this great all-around protection, the UV600 HEPA air cleaners are now in great demand and they are our biggest HEPA air cleaner seller!

Another HEPA air Cleaner we offer is the Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaner has been on the market since 1989 and since it does have a one drum air filter in it the Healthmate is a good choice for people that are mechanically challenged or lazy to the point of not wanting to change pre-filters. However, even though the Austin Air Healthmate has a permanent cleanable pre-filter it is important that the pre-filter is kept clean by simply vacuuming off the outside of its perforated steel case once every week or two so that the larger dust and allergen particles can be removed off of the pre-filter that sits just under the Healthmates steel case.

The Austin Air Healthmate also includes a large amount of activated carbon and zeolite blend (multiple pounds) that will last longer then other air cleaners to absorb out gassing chemicals and odors. The Austin Air Healthmates single filter drum is easy to replace and it will last for 5 years on average before replacement is necessary.

For more information on Airpura UV600 HEPA air cleaners and the Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaners with great prices and free shipping in the USA see our website at and for a FREE Telephone Consultation With Barry Cohen the owner of the company call him direct at Toll Free at 1-888-578-7324.