My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners And Allergy Products. I am an indoor air quality, HEPA air cleaner and HEPA air purifier expert and I have been in this same business since 1989.

I am very aware of which type and model of air cleaner or air purifiers will best fit each of my customers direct needs and I assure you that the very best HEPA air cleaner for people that are mechanically challenged or just plain lazy to the point of not wanting to change filters in their air cleaner(s) but still desire to enjoy the benefits of a top quality air cleaner will love the (Made In The USA-Since 1989) Austin Air Healthmate Standard HEPA air cleaner also known by its model number as the HM-400. The average selling price with free shipping in the USA is $538.99

The Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaner is far superior to what we feel are the almost worthless electronic filter less tower type of units made by Sharper Image, ORECK, Surround Air and other companies selling so called air cleaners and air purifiers that have absolutely zero filters or blower motors to bring dirty air to the air cleaning unit in order to actually filter and remove the dust and allergens from the air. These companies push these products through what we feel are unethical infomercials and advertisements filled with empty promises to millions of people looking for a miracle air cleaner.

The actual fact is that the majority of the cleaning when these electronic air cleaners and air purifiers are purchased is the cleaning out of unaware peoples wallets, purses and bank accounts then they purchase these low quality mostly Chinese made so called air cleaners and air purifiers! Again the Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaner is far better then any filter less air cleaning unit and still extremely easy to maintain!

What people like most about this HEPA air cleaner is that it has only one single self-contained easy to clean and replace filter drum that includes a permanent pre-filter, long lasting 5 year HEPA filter and 13 pounds of activated carbon-zeolite blend that will absorb out-gassing chemicals and odors from the indoor air. This single filter drum will typically last for up to five full years before needing replacement.  Cleaning and maintaining the Austin Air Healthmate is SUPER easy!  Just vacuum off the sides of the air cleaners case once every week or two! That’s it! Simple vacuuming is all that is needed because the units case is designed to allow a vacuum cleaner to pull a large amount of dust and allergens laying on the units permanent pre-filter right through the tiny perforated holes in it’s steel case.

The Healthmates filter drum is very easy to replace being that you only need to remove four simple screws on the bottom of the unit. After the four screws are removed the entire case will easily pull away and the filter drum will be exposed. Then all you have to do is to remove the old filter drum and replace it with the new one.  Then you simply place the metal case back over the now new filter drum and replace the four screws!  Now you’re done! This is so easy an 8-year-old child can do this without a problem!

The Austin Air Healthmate standard HEPA air cleaner is extremely sturdy with its steel case with easy to move caster wheels while also being very attractive with many color choices to match your family room, bedrooms or office space. Its dimensions are 15 inches square in width by 23 inches high. This HEPA air cleaner will effectively clean single open areas up to 1500 square feet and it will clean and exchange the air approximately 15 time per hour in an average size bedroom area in order to protect you, your family or office staff from indoor air quality problems and for smoke, dust allergy and asthma control.

NOTE: Most peole will place one unit in any bedroom where people have allergies or asthma and one unit in the family room and sometimes in the home office area so the main living spaces in the home are kept clean of dust and allergens all of the time.

The Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaner is also very quiet on both medium and low speed settings. It is a bit louder on high speed but high speed is mostly used to clear the air quickly if there is smoke coming from the kitchen or if dust is kicked up while working, cleaning or doing small construction projects. Austin Air includes a full five-year factory warranty and if there are any problems at all within the first 30 days of receiving the air purifier the factory will quickly replace the unit at their full expense!

If you have a heavier then normal chemical out gassing problem due to new carpeting, new furniture or fixtures in your home or office check out the Austin Air Healthmate Plus unit which looks and performs just like the standard model except the Plus unit has added potassium iodide in it for the added ability to remove higher levels of chemical out gassing from your indoor air.

PS. For those that are not mechanically challenged or lazy Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaners are still a great choice for dust allergy and asthma control in your home or office!

We hope that this report has been a help to you when choosing a quality air cleaner for your family or office staff for dust, allergy and asthma control. For more information on Austin Air HEPA air cleaners and other air cleaners, air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners and allergy control products see the website at or for a FREE telephone consultation call Barry Cohen the owner of this business and website at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324