Pet Allergen Answers For Pet Cafes, Veterinary Offices & Families

There are many vacuum cleaners and air purifiers on the market targeted at people with pet allergies! They all claim to be the best at cleaning pet fur and allergens. However, the great majority of these vacuum cleaners used to clean dog and cat hair and fur, bird dust, and pet dander allergens are low-quality leaky Chinese-made machines that do not even come close to living up to their far fetched claims and advertising hype.

The main reason why the great majority of vacuum cleaners, including most HEPA vacuum cleaners, are not acceptable for removing pet dander and other allergens is simple! THEY LEAK (SPEW) DUSTY AIR, WHICH INCLUDES PET DANDER, BIRD DUST, DUST MITE ALLERGEN, AND BACTERIA BACK INTO YOUR INDOOR ENVIRONMENT TO BREATHE AGAIN BECAUSE ALL STORE-BOUGHT VACUUM CLEANERS ARE NOT PROPERLY SEALED!

Test Your Own Vacuum Cleaner For Dust And Allergen Leakage! It’s Easy!

This is a true fact and you can easily test your vacuum cleaner and see this huge amount of allergen leakage for yourself by simply placing your vacuum cleaner into a beam of sunlight coming through one of your windows. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and you will most likely see tens of thousands of contaminated dust particles blowing out of the unsealed vacuum cleaner’s case and into that beam of sunlight.

The great majority of vacuum cleaners advertising that they include HEPA filters also leak (SPEW) dirty air back into your indoor air environment while you are vacuuming. Think about this! Do you have to dust off your furniture after you vacuum? Most of you will answer a big YES to this question and it’s because your vacuum cleaner is spewing filthy dust, bacteria dander, and allergens back into your Pet Cafe, home, or office while you are vacuuming!

The Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner For 100% Removal Of Dust And Pet Allergens!

The absolute best vacuum cleaner in the world for cleaning and removing dust, dog hair, cat hair, fur, bird dust, pet dander, dust mite allergen, and bacteria once in for all without blowing anything back into your homes indoor air environment is the Air Storm canister HEPA vacuum cleaner!

The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner (Made In The USA) is 100 percent sealed allowing ZERO emissions to escape from this vacuum cleaner while operating. In other words, absolutely no dust, dog hair, cat hair, pet dander, bird dust, Dust mite allergen or bacteria will escape from this vacuum cleaner’s case or from around its sealed certified HEPA filter while you are vacuum cleaning your home.

The Air Storms unique design also allows you to totally fill its dust collection bag with up to 15 pounds of dirt, pet hair, pet dander, dead skin, and other debris without ever losing suction or cleaning ability as almost all other vacuum cleaners do. Heavy dog hair and other debris are actually compressed into the Air Storms dust bag allowing you to fill the bag all the way to the top.

The powerful but still lightweight Air Storm weighs only 13 pounds and its sturdy case is made from a composite like Kevlar. The Air Storms 1000 square inch certified HEPA filter is 99.99 percent efficient down to .3 microns of particle size. The HEPA filter is externally mounted onto the exhaust port of the unit and it only needs to be replaced once every three years.

The Air Storms electric Power Nozzle (Carpet Beater Bar) is very powerful but still gentle enough to remove two or three times more dirt and allergens than the other vacuum cleaners on the market while giving your carpeting an amazing newly groomed look! The Air Storm‘s wheels are designed to not make any wheel marks on hardwood and tile floors and it will follow behind you like a puppy while you are vacuuming your home.

A full set of vacuum tools come with the Air Storm and they include the power nozzle carpet beater bar, an extra-wide floor tool for vacuuming hardwood and tile floors, crevice tools, and upholstery tools. Three dozen dust bags are also included with each Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner.

The Air Storm is so sturdy and well sealed, the USA Army use the Air Storm to clean the patriot missile system components, NASA used the Air Storm on the space shuttle and space station to do scientific cosmic dust collection for experiments and Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners are used to clean the White House in Washington DC. However the great majority of Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners are used in everyday homes and offices to keep them clean healthy and free of dust, bacteria, pet hair and dander as well as for cleaning and removing many other general allergens.

If you have bad dust, dog hair, cat hair, bird dust, pet dander, or other pet allergies you may want to also check out our Air Pura HEPA air cleaners that are the best for cleaning airborne pet fur and pet allergens

The Best HEPA Air Purifier For Quickly Removing Pet Dog, Cat, Bird, & Other Pet Allergens

The absolute best HEPA air purifier for quickly removing the highly reactive proteins that are embedded in pet dog, cat, and bird dander, hair, and fur are the (Made In Canada) 100 percent sealed from leakage Airpura HEPA air purifier. There are a few different models to choose from but all of them are equally great for quickly removing airborne pet dander, fur, hair, and allergens from your indoor air environment for noticeable dust and allergy control!

The Airpura UV600 model is the most popular because it also includes 18 pounds of activated coconut carbon for odor adsorption and control plus a powerful ozone-free UV (ultraviolet light) system that will also destroy airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Its variable speed 450 CFM motor will quickly exchange the allergen contaminated air in the room into and through this air purifier for quick cleaning and allergy relief in areas up to 1500 square feet! NOTE: The smaller the room, the higher the air exchange rate per hour will be for even better dust and allergy control! 

Best Locations For Airpura UV600 HEPA Air Purifiers

The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier is the absolute best choice for veterinarian offices, pet hospitals, and pet Cafes! However, the great majority of these top-quality HEPA air purifiers are sold to everyday families for pet allergy and dust control in their homes!

IMPORTANT AND URGENT NOTE: It is a fact that the more steps you take to keep your indoor air clean the larger effect it will have on reducing environmental allergies! This is expressly important for any and all pet allergies!  Customers that purchase and utilize both the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner and Airpura HEPA air purifiers TOGETHER to keep their home or business indoor air environment clean see a huge difference in these triggers for allergy and asthma control so they can live in harmony without the unhealthy reactions from their pet dogs, cats or birds!

If you, a friend,  customer, or family member suffer from pet allergies, dust allergies, or if you just want a top-quality 100 percent sealed Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner or a 100 percent sealed Airpura HEPA air purifier to keep your pet cafe, home or office super clean, dust-free and pet allergen-free, please see the website at for more information or call Barry Cohen the owner of the company for a 100% FREE Phone Consultation at Toll-Free 1-888-578-7324 or Call The Direct Line At 561-629-5618