The Best HEPA Air Purifier With UV To Destroy Airborne Viruses In School Classrooms Is The Airpura UV600

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 The Best HEPA Air Purifier With (UV)To Destroy Airborne Viruses In School Classrooms & Offices 

Barry Cohen / 

My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers and Allergy Products. I have been in the indoor air quality and HEPA air purifier industry since 1989 and online since 1994.

Now that we all face being infected by the airborne viruses there is now a huge concern to protect the staff and students in public schools, charter schools and private school classrooms and offices from these highly contagious viruses! indoor air quality!

School Classrooms And Offices Need Proper HEPA Air Purifiers With UV Ultraviolet Light Systems That Can Actually Destroy Airborne Viruses!

The Problem Is That Many Of The Air Purifiers That Have Already Been Purchased Are Actually Unable To Destroy  Airborne Viruses!

                                  Here Is Why!

Urgent Information To Read! 

 Schools,hospitals businesses and families in their quest to protect themselves from airborne viruses, students and employees ran out and purchased the needed antiviral supplies that included air purifiers to protect their indoor air quality to avoid contracting a virus!

However when making their air purifier purchases the decision makers had no idea that the great majority of the air purifiers available on the market were unable to actually destroy any virus.

Much of this was not their fault because it is due to believing many of the deceptive false claims made by the many air purifier manufactures and sellers advertising that their air purifiers can destroy airbornes viruses and other biological contaminants! The truth is that almost all of these purchased air purifiers can not destroy any virus or biological contaminants at all! Also most purchasers had and still have no idea what the proper specifications are required to destroy airborne virus and their variants!

 The minimum UV Ultraviolet light dosage to destroy known airborne viruses is 6,600 Micro-Watts Sec/CM2 Of UV Power.

URGENT–CHECK YOUR AIR PURIFIER SPECS!—If you have already purchased air purifiers with UV ultraviolet light systems to protect your school staff and students I URGE YOU TO CHECK THE UNITS SPECIFiCATIONS for a UV micro-watt dosage!

The unfortunate fact is most likely there is going to be ZERO UV dosage specifications with your air purifier at all! This is because even if your air purifiers do indeed include a UV lamp, the dosage will so low it will not be able to destroy the virus or any other airborne biological contaminant!

This is why the great majority of air purifiers on the market including HEPA air purifiers with UV light systems are worthless at destroying airborne viruses!

If your air purifiers do not have any UV ultraviolet light systems included at all it will most likely be worthless for destroying any airborne virus. 

If these facts pertain to your situation the air purifiers you are now utilizing are providing no (ZERO) viral protection to your staff and students! 

 FACT—There Is A Lack Of Government Proof Of UV Dosage Standards For Destroying Airborne Viruses & Other Contaminants

This is very unfortunate! Due to regulation failures air purifier manufactures and sellers should be required to provide accurate transparent specifications that show the UV ultraviolet dosage on the outside box and on the printed specs of all air purifiers claiming to destroy any and all airborne viruses, bacteria or mold spores! 

If You Still Need The Proper Air Purifier For Destroying Airborne Viruses To Protect Your School Staff And Students

 The best air purifier to check out is the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier. This unit includes a state of the art ultraviolet light system with a UV dosage far surpassing all others at 30,000 Micro-Watts Sec/CM2 of UV power to easily destroy known airborne viruses along with many other reactive biological contaminants that cause major health problems for many people!

 This Airpura UV600 top quality UV HEPA air purifier is so effective it is  used in hospitals and in homes to protect people’s immune systems that are going through Chemotherapy, Stem Cell Transplants, Bone Marrow Transplants and Organ Transplants!

With the growing concern for clean indoor air environments many thousands of these top quality HEPA air purifiers with ultraviolet light systems are routinely being shipped out to be used in schools and hospitals worldwide!

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