Best Residential HEPA Vacuum Cleaner For Cleaning Your Home

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A quality residential vacuum cleaner is without question the most important tool you will own to keep your home clean and you and your family healthy! Unfortunately many people fall victim to the infomercials on TV promising that their vacuum cleaner is the best on the market! The most common vacuum cleaner infomercials shown are from Shark, Dyson and Dirt Devil.  

These three units are not much better than most others being sold that include Hoover, Miele, Kirby, Electrolux, Tristar, Miracle Mate and many others! The main reason why so many vacuum cleaners are of low quality is because they are underpowered and not properly sealed at both the filters and the case which allows them to leak and (Spew)  dust, allergens, pet dander, bacteria and mold spores back into your indoor air to breathe and react to while you are vacuuming. This is also the simple reason people have to dust their homes after they vacuum it!  

What To Look For When Purchasing A True High Quality Residential HEPA Vacuum Cleaner. 

Important things to look for when purchasing a quality vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home is to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is a true HEPA filtered unit that is 100 percent sealed at both around the filters and throughout the case.This will prevent dust and allergens from spewing back into the air while you are vacuuming to breathe and react to. Make sure that the case is both sturdy and lightweight. 

 A 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner will also spare you the task of dusting your home after vacuuming. Next make sure that the vacuum cleaner  has good suction and a powerful power head to really pull up the dirt from the carpeting and into the vacuum cleaners tank! while leaving your carpeting or hard surface floor clean with a freshly groomed look! 

A high quality HEPA vacuum cleaner should be easy to push through any type of carpeting and should also do a good job of cleaning debris from hardwood and tile floors! 

Why The (Made In The USA Since 1989) Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Is Your Absolute Best Choice To Keep Your Home Clean And Your Family Healthy!


  1. The Air Storm Factory Provides Incredible Customer Service.
  2. This Vacuum Cleaner Is 100 Percent Sealed Against Any Dust, Allergens And Bacteria From Leaking Back Into The Indoor Air Environment To Breathe And React Too!
  3. You Can Fill The Dust Collector Bag With 15 Pounds Of Sand And Not Lose Any Suction Or Cleaning Ability!
  4. The Air Storm Cleans All Carpeting So Well The Carpeting Looks Newer And Groomed.
  5. The Air Storm Also Does An Incredible Job Of Also Cleaning Hardwood And Tile Floors.
  6. The Air Storm Is Made To Serve, Perform And Last Up To 35 Years!
  7. The Air Storm Is Unbeatable When Cleaning Pet Dog And Cat Fur, Hair And Dander From Dogs, Cats And Birds!
  8. The Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Will Out Clean And Outperform All Other Vacuum Cleaners Of All Types That Include Other HEPA Vacuum Cleaners And Water Filtered Vacuum Cleaners

Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Are (Made In The USA!) 

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