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Facts About Low Quality Smoke And Odor Air Purifiers

 Air Purifiers For Smoke And Odors

 Smokers and people that live and work with smokers often run out to the local big box store to purchase an air purifier to get rid of the smoke and odors from their indoor air environment. The truth is that they are rarely happy with the air purifier(s) they have chosen to purchase. This is because the great majority of air purifiers found in in big box stores as well as online are made in China and are very low in quality! Reasons for the low quality are poor outdated technogly, very low air exchange rates per hour to clean the air even in small rooms or open areas. Poorly sealed air purifiers both at the filters and the unit cases that allow smoke and dust to escape and recontaminate the indoor air environment that the air purifier is operating in. And very low, inadequate amounts of activated carbon to remove outgassing chemicals and odors from the smoke.


 What To Look For When Purchasing A Proper Air Purifier To Remove Smoke, Odors & Outgassing Chemicals From The Indoor Air

There are two different types of air purifiers that do the best job of removing smoke, smoke odors and the chemicals that are imbedded in the smoke from cigars, cigarettes, pipes and marijuana. These two types are called ozone ionizer air purifiers and HEPA air purifiers. 

The absolute best ozone ionizer air purifier for removing smoke and odors is called the AP-3000 (Made In The USA) and the best HEPA air purifier for removing smoke & odors is called the Airpura T600 (Made In Canada)

Why The AP-3000 Ozone Ionizer Air Purifier Is Nothing Less Than Amazing For Quickly Removing Smoke And Odors FAST!

NOTE: This Is The Exact Famous Air Purifier That Smokers Cant Easily Find And Are Always Looking For!

Ozone ionizer air purifiers work by producing millions of tiny negative ions that blow through the air in the room attaching themselves onto the floating smoke particles. This forces the floating airborne smoke to quickly drop out of suspension in the air (Like A Rock) to the ground where it can be removed by normal vacuuming or mopped up later. The best ozone ionizer air purifier is the AP-3000 (Shown Above). This unit will have two different types of ionizers, The first type are called needlepoint ionizers that produce enough negative ions to quickly drop the floating cloud of smoke from a large roomful of smokers to clear the room of smoke extremely fast. (NO MORE CLOUDS OF SMOKE IN YOUR SMOKING AREA!) 

The second type of ionizer in the AP-3000 air purifiers are called radio wave ionizers. Radio wave ionizers can actually penetrate through walls and through the upper and lower floors of adjacent condos to help clear the air of any type of smoke up to 50 feet away from the unit to drop down the smoke. (Even In Your Neighbors Apartments Or Condo’s) The ozone production part of these AP-3000 air purifiers are totally adjustable down to zero ozone production if desired. However most people adjust the ozone output so they can hardly smell the Alpine fresh after a thunderstorm ozone smell these units produce! Even at this very low ozone output it will be enough to remove or reduce any smoke odor to almost 100 percent in smoky areas up to 3000 square feet when you walk into the smoking area the next day! 

These units also do a wonderful job of removing urine odors, body odors, pet odors and food odors from your indoor air environment. The AP-3000 ozone ionizer air purifiers are easy to operate! These air purifiers are small at the size of two cigar boxes back to back. However the AP-3000 air purifiers are extremely powerful to do a wonderful job of removing all kinds of smoke and odors from the indoor air of people’s homes and businesses. Cigar, cigarette, pipe and marijuana smokers and the people that live and work with them absolutely love these great air purifiers! 

The AP-CV3500 unit shown above is specifically manufactured for California standards that call for different standards for ozone producing air purifiers.  

The Next Type And Model Of Air Purifier Shown Above For Removing Indoor Smoke And Odors Without Any Ozone Production Is The Airpura T600 HEPA Air Purifier. 

The famous AP-3000 is great for getting rid of all kinds of smoke and odors fast! However for those that prefer HEPA air purifiers over the ozone ionizer types the Airpura T600 smoke and odor HEPA air purifier is the absolute best of its type! The Airpura T600 works by exchanging the air in the room very quickly through its multi stage filtration system especially designed for filtering and removing smoke and odors from cigars, cigarettes, pipes and marijuana! These units will out clean and outperform any other HEPA air purifier on the market for all types of smoke, odors and chemicals in rooms and open areas up to and over 10000 square feet. NOTE: The smaller the room the higher the air exchange rate per hour will be for increased and better smoke, odor and chemical removal!

The T600 is a powerful but quiet HEPA air purifier with a variable speed motor made for removing all types of smoke and odors through its specialized filtration system! 

The first stage of filtration the smoke goes through is the T600’s special tar barrier pre-filter that catches larger particles and the tar and nicotine from cigars, cigarettes and pipe smoke & the sticky resin from marijuana.These inexpensive pre-filters protect the rest of the air purifier from gumming up with tar, nicotine and marijuana resin and they are fast and easy to replace! 

The second stage of filtration is the T600’s heavy duty long lasting 26 pound activated carbon filter that will adsorb the smoke odors, gasses and chemicals found in second hand tobacco smoke. 

The third and final stage of filtration is the HEPA barrier post filter that will trap and remove any carbon dust from the carbon filter, residual particles from the smoke as well as the free floating dust and allergens in the air being brought into the T600 to clean the indoor air in the room the unit is operating in. 

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