Best HEPA Air Purifiers For Police Evidence Rooms And Property Rooms

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      Best HEPA Air Purifier For Police Evidence Rooms!

Evidence rooms also called property storage rooms often contain items that include dangerous toxic chemicals, bacteria, viruses and mold spores! These hazardous contaminants that often cause chronic health problems for the people that work in these evidence rooms and in the secure areas around them that are not properly protected with high quality HEPA air cleaners or better yet HEPA air purifiers with ultraviolet light systems that will also kill biological contaminants!

Evidence rooms and property storage rooms are often located in nasty musty basement dungeons in police departments and the people that control the money often do not realize how important it is to allocate proper funds to supply adequate and proper ventilation, air filtration and air purification systems in these areas that include quality HEPA air purifiers with UV light systems to better protect both the evidence being stored in these rooms and the people working in the same areas! It is very important that evidence rooms and property storage rooms do not share their ventilation or air conditioning system with other areas of the police or sheriffs department. This is so contaminated evidence does not spread into the indoor air of other areas or zones of the building if there is an accident or spill.

Proper fresh air ventilation is often a problem because with enough fresh air ventilation, out goes the costly heat in the winter and the air-conditioning in the summer. It is very important to have proper HEPA air filtration to remove the airborne particulates floating in the indoor air. 

Quality HEPA air purifiers also include multible pounds of activated carbon filtration to absorb and control rancid odors and any possible dangerous chemical out-gassing coming from drugs and other chemical sources. All of these features need to be included in high quality air purifiers that also need to include high intensity ultraviolet (UV) light systems to kill and control biological contaminants coming from bacteria, viruses and mold spores coming from syringes, marijuana, other drugs, body fluids, blood and DNA samples.

 Aspergillus is a common toxic mold that often grows on marijuana, soil samples and other plant life that is often kept damp in plastic evidence storage bags.

We have found that there are a handful of niche businesses that target police evidence rooms and property storage rooms to sell them products that sometimes include HEPA air purifiers for police evidence rooms. Since this is a niche we have discovered that the price of these HEPA air purifiers are extremely high! These high prices are not necessary and it is important to know that there are much higher quality air purifiers that also include the needed UV light systems available for evidence rooms at a much lower and affordable cost!

We recommend only one HEPA air purifier that will do the proper job of keeping evidence rooms and the people that work in them and around them safe and healthy! This unit is the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier with a medical grade UV light system. This unit is very powerful! It includes a multi speed adjustable motor that is extremely quiet! The UV600 HEPA filter and metal case is 100 percent sealed from any possibility of leaking contaminants back into the indoor air to breathe and react too while operating. 

  The Airpura UV600 HEPA air Purifier will pass a zero laser particle count test at a 99.97 percent of efficiency rating down to .03 Microns of particle size. This unit includes an inexpensive pre-filter with 18 pounds of activated carbon to absorb odors and out-gassing chemicals. the Airpura UV600 HEPA UV air purifier includes a state of the art non-ozone producing ultraviolet (UV) light system that is pointed into the total intake area of it’s HEPA filter that will quickly kill biological contaminants including airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores. 

NOTE: The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier has a ultraviolet lamp dosage of 30,000 microwatts sec/cm2. Please know that this unit produces enough ultraviolet to kill and destroy any airborne biological contaminant in police evidence and property storage room areas.

  The Airpura UV600 ultraviolet HEPA air purifier will effectively clean the air in open rooms up to and over 1,500 square feet! Important Note: The smaller the room is, the higher the air exchange rate per hour will be for a higher level of air cleaning performance! 

 The Airpura UV600 includes a five-year factory warranty on parts and a ten year warranty on labor! We also offer free FEDEX shipping in the USA and in Canada! There is absolutely no question that this air purifier will make an important addition for your evidence room, property storage room, home or office to protect the health and wellness of the people entering and working in these areas.

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