Poor indoor air quality is a growing problem and a big concern for health conscious Americans and for people around the world. Asthma, COPD and other respiratory and immune system diseases that include Cancers, Multiple Sclerosis and Heart Disease are on the rise because of the Government’s lack of testing and regulation of the hundreds of new toxic chemicals and pesticides that are showing up in building materials, children’s toys and in many food products!

When these chemicals are breathed into the lungs or eaten they often turn up in blood work that is taken after the damage is already done! The problem is the medical experts often have no idea about what these newest chemicals are and how to properly treat the medical problems they create!


Research and purchase only the best air purifiers that include HEPA filtration and lots of (pounds) of activated carbon that can absorb and remove airborne toxins that are out gassing from your homes structure, building materials and home furnishings that often contaminate your indoor air quality to make you and your family sick!

Some of the most toxic materials in your home include your carpeting, the glues that hold your carpet and carpet padding to the floor, paints-oil based paints are the worst, furniture and bedding materials, insulations in your attic and walls, the wood chipboard your home is build with is loaded with a cocktail of toxic outgassing chemicals and so is the arsenic filled green board drywall material that is used in many bathrooms and around the lower sections of homes to prevent mold growth, pesticides used in your home, plastics, TV’s, sound systems and electronic devices with circuit boards that are coated with poisonous outgassing fire retardants. The clothes your children wear and the bedding you sleep in are often loaded with toxic fire retardants also known as flame retardants!

There are only two ways to reduce the outgassing chemicals in your home or office. The first is ventilation, which works great when the weather is not too cold or too hot and not windy, raining or snowing. It’s great to open the windows to get fresh air into your home when it’s possible, the problem is it’s often not possible to keep your windows open.

The second choice is to utilize quality HEPA air purifiers with multiple pounds of activated carbon in your home or office to absorb the toxic outgassing chemicals so you can avoid the many health problems that these chemicals cause!

High quality brands of HEPA air purifiers to look for to remove allergens and out gassing chemicals are the Airpura HEPA air purifiers and the Austin Air Healthmate and Healthmate Plus HEPA air purifiers.

If you want to also kill mold spores, bacteria and viruses in your indoor air environment you should choose a HEPA air purifier(s) with pounds of activated carbon that also include a non ozone ultraviolet (UV) light system. With the ever-growing concerns with the new deadly bacteria and airborne viruses like the COVID-19 Coronavirus and the H1N1 Swine Flu making their way into the world populations these days the new breeds of ultraviolet (UV) light air purifiers are now the most popular and sought after!

The absolute best air purifier with Ultraviolet (UV) light systems that will also kill mold spores, bacteria and airborne viruses is the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier.

If you are unfortunate to have purchased any of the toxic Chinese drywall that has flooded the market you should really consider purchasing one of the brands of HEPA air purifiers listed above to help absorb the dangerous toxic, corrosive chemicals and heavy metals that have been reported to be outgassing to cause electrical wiring corrosion and major health problems from the Chinese drywall!

Remember these are all room air purifiers! The higher quality and best air purifier units will clean up to a 1500 Square foot open area and will provide approximately 13-18 air exchanges per hour in an average sized bedroom space. Most people end up with two HEPA air purifier units to cover their two main living spaces, which include the bedroom and the family room where people spend most of their time.

Stay away from the inexpensive low quality big box store HEPA air purifiers. They mostly have only an ounce or so of carbon dust that is impregnated into a low quality short lived pre-filter and they are often very loud with a very low air exchange rate per hour, which drastically limits their cleaning ability even in small bedrooms. A single unit will never perform to make a noticeable difference in a larger room.

Other Sources Of Toxic Chemicals!

Pay attention to the food you eat! Try to eat organic and wash your fruits and vegetables well for a few minutes before eating them! Read the labels to see where your food products are coming from! Foods imported from China have been proven to include the most added dangerous toxins and don’t depend on the United States Government to always catch the poisons and pesticides that have been added into the food products coming into our country from China and from other countries as well! I recommend staying away from all foods imported from China!

Consider purchasing a new state of the art reverses ionizer water purification system. These water ionizers are very cool machines because not only do they filter your water of chemicals and impurities, they also allow you to adjust and change the pH of your water to allow you to enjoy healthier less acidic water with more oxygen which will make you less prone to diseases and poor health. Or you can adjust the pH of the water ionizer to make your water more acidic for killing germs and bacteria while cleaning hard surfaces in your home.

Many people are also using safe ingestible natural micronized powdered zeolite supplements as an oral chelation to help flush toxic heavy metals and chemicals from their bodies.

It is our hope and desire that this report has been a valuable help in your quest for a healthier home and body. For more information on the top quality best air purifiers, water ionizers and zeolite oral chelation supplements see the website at https://aircleaners.com Or call direct at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324