More families are utilizing a variety of allergy products to protect themselves from increasing airborne allergens, outgassing chemicals, bacteria and mold spores in their homes indoor air environments. All utilized allergy products mentioned in this report is a step in the right direction to enjoy a much more allergy free and more comfortable indoor living environment! The more steps you take to create a cleaner indoor environment in your home or office the more you will be reducing the triggers that cause allergy and allergy induced asthma flair ups

Allergy and asthma health problems are on the rise because of many different reasons that include clear-cutting of trees that used to filter a huge amount of airborne dust, pollen and outdoor sprayed pesticides that blow into entire neighborhoods of homes to contaminate and often create huge indoor environmental problems!  These same airborne allergens and contaminants are also brought in from your shoes and by pets.

Allergy products are needed to protect you and your family from another major source of contaminated indoor air environments due to outgassing chemicals releasing from your carpeting, bedding, furniture and building materials, cleaning products and from a variety of pesticides that are often applied inside of the home!

Allergy products are needed to remove and control the protein allergens from pet dander coming from your beloved pet dogs; cats or birds. These protein allergens are very reactive and are a major cause of allergy and asthma problems in the home.

Allergy products are purchased by people to keep their homes clean and to control the allergens coming into them and believe it or not when they run out to big box stores such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowes to purchase these allergy products that include HEPA air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners they do not realize that these Chinese made allergy products are of low quality with unsealed filters and cases that can actually become a large source of recontamination being brought into their homes indoor air environments to breathe and react to!

Why Low Quality Allergy Products Can Actually Re-Contaminate your Home With More Allergens!

It is a fact that most people are not aware of the real specifications and low quality construction of the HEPA air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers or HEPA vacuum cleaners they are getting from local big box department store to purchase these important allergy products for their homes! The fact is that these days even the well-known brand names we are all used to seeing that were once proudly made in America are now made in China and now they are of much lower quality!

True Facts On Chinese Made Allergy Products

The Allergy products that include many of the HEPA air cleaners, air purifiers or HEPA vacuums cleaner you already own or have been looking at to purchase, if made in China is most likely not properly sealed at the pre-filters, the HEPA filter and at the units case itself while blowing a substantial amount of dust and allergens that contain dead skin, animal dander, dust mite feces and bacteria back into your homes indoor air to breathe and react to while operating these lower quality allergy products that are needed to protect and keep your home free of dust and allergens.

Which Allergy Products Are The Highest Quality And Best To Check Out For Purchase!

Here is a list of allergy products including brands and models of air cleaners, air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners, electrostatic air filters and dust mite proof bedding that we have put together for you to do your own diligent research on. All of these allergy products are Made In The USA and are what we feel are without question the best you will find for proper dust, allergy and asthma control in your home and office!

The TRACS HEPA Air Purifier is (Made In The USA) a must have HEPA filtered allergy product! The TRACS HEPA air purifier includes a medical grade Non Ozone Producing ultraviolet light system to kill Viruses, Bacteria and Mold Spores. The TRACS is extremely quiet, it has 4 speeds and it is 99.99 percent efficient down to .3 microns of particle size. The TRACS is 100 percent sealed so absolutely no allergens will escape to re-contaminate your living space and it will pass a zero laser particle count test at the above-mentioned specifications.

The EZ Air HEPA air cleaner (Made In The USA) is manufactured by the same company that makes the TRACS HEPA air purifier. The design and color choices are the same, as the TRACS Except the EZ Air HEPA air cleaner does not include an ultraviolet light system to be able to kill viruses, bacteria or mold spores as the TRACS does.

The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner (Made In The USA) is one of the best allergy products you will ever own. This is because the Air Storm canister HEPA vacuum cleaner is 100 percent sealed so absolutely no dust and allergens will escape back into your indoor air while you are vacuuming. It’s a fact that the Air Storm is so sealed, like the TRACS and EZ Air it will pass a zero laser particle test at 99.99 percent of efficiency down to .3 microns of particle size. The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner has amazing cleaning ability on carpeting, tile and hardwood floors and it is also able to hold up to 15 pounds of dirt or sand without losing any suction and cleaning ability at all!

If you have a ducted air conditioning or furnace system, another important allergy product to acquire to keep your system clean and your home more dust and allergen free is an absolute self-charging electrostatic air filter. These quality air filters (Made In The USA) simply replace your existing filters in the same place where they are now located and they are almost 90 percent efficient, washable with a lifetime guarantee! Absolute self charging electrostatic air filters are also inexpensive and they are custom made to size to replace your 3-5 percent inefficient throw away filters that do a horrible job of filtering the air of dust and allergens in your home or office.

If you have already upgraded to the still disposable 3M Filtrete filters it’s a step in the right direction. However Absolute self-charging electrostatic air filters are 2-3 times more efficient then the expensive 3M Filtrete air filters that will cost you much more money within a very short period of time. Also utilizing a lifetime and FAR superior absolute self charging electrostatic air filter is a GREEN gift to the environment as it will last as long as you’re A/C or furnace system is in your home (Years And Years) and it lessons the millions of pounds of disposable air filters that pile up in landfills every year and everywhere!

Dust Mite Proof Bedding

Dust mite allergen is a major source and trigger for people with allergies and allergy induced asthma attacks! If dust mite allergy is a problem it is very important to 100 percent encase the mattress, box spring and pillows with the proper dust mite proof encasings to majorly reduce exposure to dust mite allergen, which consists of the dust mite’s feces and their dead shells. You can find a large range of materials that are priced at different levels depending on the material they are made from.

NOTE: Know that the less expensive dust mite proof encasings are JUST AS GOOD AS THE EXPENCIEVE ONES! A smart thing you can do to prevent having to pull off to wash your mattress encasing often is to purchase a stretchable mattress cover to cover the mattress encasing that is on your mattress. By doing this you can wash the easy to remove mattress cover at the same time you wash your sheets and blankets. It is recommended to wash all of your sheets pillowcases and blankets in Hot water twice a week if possible or at least once a week for sure to prevent your bedding from becoming a breading ground for dust mites and dust mite allergen to react to!


This report has been written to provide accurate honest information to help people get the absolute highest quality allergy products to control the triggers that cause environmental allergy and asthma problems. The products mentioned in this report have been carefully picked and chosen from over 25 years in the allergy products industry to be the very best on the market! If you decide to purchase the top quality allergy products discussed in this report you will see tremendous ongoing results compared to the low quality Chinese products found in your local big box department stores!

For more quality information on these products, please see the website at Or call Barry Cohen the owner of the company at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324 for a totally free consultation to help you make the best choices when purchasing the allergy products that will best fit your direct needs!