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Aug 4, 2020Smoke And Odor Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers For Odors!  

      Destruction, Reduction, Absorption, Coverups 

The number one reason people purchase air purifiers is for dust, allergy and asthma control! Smokers and people that live with smokers purchase air purifiers to reduce and control smoke and smoke odors!

HEPA Air Purifiers With Activated Carbon For Odor Control 

 People need to purchase UV and non UV HEPA air purifiers to remove airborne out-gassing chemicals and odors out of the air. The absolute best way to remove out gassing chemicals and greatly reduce their accompanying odors is by absorption by utilizing multiple pounds of activated carbon in quality HEPA air purifiers.  

If airborne mold spores, bacteria or viruses are a problem due to poorly insulated homes or because of pipe or roof leaks HEPA air purifiers with a high power non-ozone producing UV ultraviolet light system is important to have and run 24-7.

If mold infestations are discovered in the walls, around windows or under the floors, the mold must first be cleaned out and then treated with a proper biocide to destroy any possible leftover mold spores to keep the indoor air environment safe and healthy.

Many people purchase HEPA air purifiers with UV light systems to help keep the home clean and to destroy any possible leftover airborne mold spores to prevent  recontamination of the home. 

Activated carbon helps to remove and control organic airborne odors from direct and second hand cigarette smoke, cigar smoke and Marijuana smoke.

Activated carbon is also good for absorbing to reduce odors from pets, people’s body’s, chemicals and from cooking smelly types of foods like fish, seafood and meats. 

 Important Note: Please know that multiple pounds of activated carbon in HEPA air purifiers have been used for many years for odor control and they work really well. However activated carbon can’t always remove 100 percent of the offending odors for these simple reasons.  

Smoke odors also often come from smokers in other rooms in a home or from other close by apartments or condos in a building. These odors find their way through hallways, air vents, open doors and windows, water pipe gaps and from gaps in electric outlets. 

 Airborne second hand smoke odors coming into houses, apartments and condos can and will be greatly reduced with a quality HEPA air purifier with multiple pounds of activated carbon to the point of making a big difference because the air that is being cleaned by the air purifier will flood the room where the air purifier is operating in to make a big difference in reducing the odors! 

 However these units cannot totally remove odors from carpeting, furniture and wall surfaces that have absorbed odors into the materials that have absorbed the odors into them. 

This is because dirty smoke contaminated carpeting, furniture and other materials and surfaces will often continue to release odors until they are professionally physically cleaned or if need be, replaced!  

Smoke odor contaminated walls need to be properly washed and cleaned, sealed with a wall sealer product and then repainted with a safe low VOC or better yet zero VOC paint.This will make a huge difference in removing the smoke odors that have penetrated into a homes walls.  

However second hand smoke coming in from other apartments or condos will continue to come into homes as I already explained. The best and healthiest way to control these odors are with quality HEPA air purifiers that include multiple pounds of activated carbon to absorb the incoming odors with a noticeable degree of success!

HEPA air purifiers with activated carbon are purchased and used more often then any other type of air purifier to reduce the many different sources of odors.  

Again a quality HEPA air purifier with multiple pounds of activated carbon can and will greatly reduce smoke odors and other types of odor.

This method is without question the healthiest form of air purification. However because of the reasons already explained above they cannot always remove 100 percent of the odors by themselves because it is also very important to vacuum often with a 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner and to take the measures required to keep the home clean. 

People are very happy with the results from HEPA air purifiers with multiple of pounds of activated carbon for indoor odor control and because they also remove airborne allergens that include dust, dust mite allergen, pet dander, chemical out-gassing and other airborne allergens out of the indoor air to keep home and office spaces clean while helping control reactions that trigger allergies, asthma and COPD attacks! 

 This Is Important: People should also understand and accept that it is often a need that other odor reduction and removal steps such as cleaning must also be taken in conjunction with purchasing a quality HEPA air purifier(s) for the best lasting all around odor control! 

Portable Ozone Ionizer Air Purifiers For Smoke And Odor Control 

High quality residential ozone ionizer air purifiers are an excellent choice for reducing and removing active smoke, smoke odors and other organic and chemical odors in indoor air environments and they should operate 24-7 to do the best job.

These units produce negative ions that are able to drop large amounts of smoke out of the indoor air’s floating environment like a rock! However there are possible negative factors when using ozone to control odors that must be considered! Ozone is (O2) oxygen that has been electrically split into (O3) which is ozone. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that has that fresh clean after a thunder storm smell that will reduce and even destroy odors that have penetrated into a homes indoor air and in carpeting and furniture.  

However the ozone levels these machines produce must be carefully controlled because if the ozone is turned up to high it can dry out the body’s mucus membranes that include the eyes, nose, throat and lungs to cause health problems that include dry eye and nose syndrome, sore throats if these units are not operated properly by being turned up to high.  

This is why ozone ionizers are never a smart or proper source of odor control for elderly people and others with a poor sense of smell that may have problems adjusting ozone ionizers properly.

People often think that more is better and they often turn ozone ionizer air purifiers up far to high to remove odors from the air. When it comes to operating ozone ionizers

MORE OZONE IS NOT BETTER in occupied spaces. Also because ozone is an oxidizer and if turned up to high can dry out the body’s mucus membranes people already suffering from asthma, COPD or any other lung problems should never use ozone ionizer air purifiers to clear smoke, smoke odors and other odors from their indoor air!

People with these medical conditions should only be using high quality HEPA air purifiers with multiple pounds of activated carbon. 

Proper Ozone Ionizer Use Instructions for adjusting ozone ionizer air purifiers ozone levels should be adjusted so when you walk into the room or area that the ozone ionizer machine is operating in you should only be able to smell that fresh after a thunderstorm smell that these machine create for no more than two minutes.

After two minutes you should not be able to sense the ozone smell anymore. If you can still smell the ozone, turn the ozone level down until you can meet this two minute rule. Leave the area and come back in every once in a while to accomplish making this ozone level adjustment. 

After the ozone level is adjusted properly you will be amazed how well and how quickly the smoke odors will be removed and under control to keep everyone in the home or smoking area happy!

Ozone Blasters For Odor Control 

Ozone Blasters are very powerful ozone machines that do a wonderful job of destroying and or drastically reducing strong smoke, chemical and organic odors from homes, restaurants and other needed places.

Ozone blasters are often used at the end of reconstruction after a fire, flood or mold remediation job to destroy any leftover smoke odors or mold spores.

They are also used to remove smoke odors in cars, trucks and trailers of all types. These machines are so strong that the home or building area must be unoccupied during the treatment that can take 2-3 days of 24-7 operation. Cars and trucks should be treated for 3-8 hours. 

 Ozone blasters absolutely cannot be used in occupied spaces with prolonged exposure to an ozone blasters high amounts of ozone in an enclosed room. This is because ozone basters can cause major irritations of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs including lung damage!

Most quality ozone blaster include timers that can be set to stop at a predetermined period of time. However it is safe to quickly enter a room being treated for a short period of time of a couple of minutes or so just to shut the ozone blaster off when the treatment is over. 

 NOTE: the customer must be aware that if the source of the smoke odor, organic order or mold infestation is not repaired and or totally stopped the smoke odor or mold problem will return after treatment is done with an ozone blaster!  

Chemical Odor Coverups!  Not Good! 

Many people think that they can get rid of smoke and other odors with chemical cover ups. This is a temporary solution and not a good one because many people are allergic to the coverup chemicals and react to them. These odor coverup chemicals (Including many essential oils) make many people sick and it often takes a long time until they figure it out! 

 When I was operating my air duct cleaning business I once met a women and her mother that were smokers and living together in a condo in Florida. They were using toxic MOTHBALLS to coverup the smoke odor in their condo. Bags of mothballs were everywhere, even attached to the curtains!  

The mother was bedridden and dying with brain cancer. I must have pulled 20 pounds of mothballs out of this condo while explaining that she needed to clean, seal and paint her yellow smoke stained walls and then professionally have her carpeting and furniture cleaned to help get the odor under control. 

 I could not do a ozone blaster treatment in this condo because the sick mother could not be moved but I did sell her a couple of HEPA air purifiers with special tar catching filters that included multiple pounds of activated carbon to keep the smoke and odor under control after they did the clean up.

I may have saved the daughters life by helping them clean up their toxic indoor air environment before she also developed cancer. 

The bottom line is that it’s far better to clean and drastically reduce the indoor environment of the smoke and organic odors by adding in quality air purifiers to keep the odors under control rather then using chemical coverups in a contaminated home or office space!

This goes for cars, trucks and camper trailers as well! Pull out those chemical scented plug ins at you home and those scented Christmas trees in your car or truck and keep your vehicles lean!  

The Air Purifiers We Recommend

The Airpura R600—HEPA Air Purifiers with 18 pounds of activated carbon for absorbing airborne general odors, outgassing chemicals while also removing dust and allergens from the indoor air environment! 

The Airpura V600 Or C600—also includes advanced carbon blends for more and specialized chemical out-gassing absorption 

The Airpura UV600—It’s just like the R600 but with an added powerful non ozone producing 30,000 microwatt UV light system that will also destroy biological contaminants that include airborne viruses bacteria and mold spores 

The Airpura T600—HEPA Air Purifiers with 24 pounds of activated carbon for smokers and family members that live with active smokers of cigarettes, cigars, and marijuana to remove smoke and absorb smoke odors. This unit also include special replaceable tar and nicotine removal filters 

BONUS—Airpura UV600——This HEPA air purifier also includes a powerful 30,000 micro-watt/2 UV (Ultraviolet light) system that can and will also destroy biological contaminants that include airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores. Its equivalent to the R600 with the added UV light system.  

Ozone Ionizer Air Purifiers (See The AP-3000) Active Cigarette, Cigar And Marijuana Smokers And People That Live With Them Love These Units! For quickly removing active cigarette, cigar and marijuana smoke and odors and for also removing odors from body’s, pets, chemicals, and strong smelling foods. This unit needs to have the ozone level adjusted properly as per instructions.

Not recommended for the elderly and people with asthma, COPD and lung disease. 

Ozone Blasters

Powerful portable ozone treatment machines for removing heavy odors from smoke, mold and all other organic and chemical odors while being able to actually destroy active mold infestations in large unoccupied spaces of homes and commercial buildings 

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